Master of Arts in Elementary Teaching
American College of Education

Program Details

American College of Education offers the online Master of Arts in Elementary Teaching (MAT). With this degree, students will gain an understanding of child development as they learn and apply instructional and assessment strategies to improve achievement of elementary students’ achievement in reading, mathematics, social studies, and science.

Sample of Program Courses:

  • Emerging Literacy Methods for Elementary Teacher Preparation
  • Strengthening Literacy for Elementary Teacher Preparation
  • Community Engagement for Elementary Teachers
  • Assessment for Elementary Teachers
  • The Digital Learner

Students will learn how to assess the needs of students in K-8 classrooms, and how to provide students with different avenues to learning.


  • Bachelor's or highest post-baccalaureate degree earned
  • Minimum GPA 3.0 (4.0 Scale) for full admission; OR 2.5 and, at least, 5 years of documented professional experience related to the content area in which the applicants seek licensure; OR both a Bachelor's degree from an accredited postsecondary educational institution and proof of passing state approved content area examination(s) in the subject area
  • Official transcripts from a regionally accredited institution
  • Criminal background check
  • Acknowledgement of field based diversity experiences and classroom access
  • ACT, GRE, and SAT test scores

Note: Graduates must first obtain an initial teaching license in Indiana before applying for a teacher license in their own state. Other states may have additional licensure requirements. Students are responsible for determining whether eligibility and licensure requirements in their state of residence.

School Accreditation Statement

Higher Learning Commission