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Accredited Online Family & Consumer Science Degrees

An online family and consumer sciences degree allows you to help familiesFamily and consumer science is an important field that helps individuals while improving families and communities. It focuses on family relations, child development, consumer issues, personal finance, nutrition, and many other topics that center around homes and families. With this degree, you will be prepared for many different careers related to families. You’ll understand how to conduct research, give tips on cooking or cleaning, provide direction for new parents, and even give basic advice on money management and household spending. With these skills, you’ll be qualified to work in numerous careers, including human development, family studies, and wellness advising. From a housing counselor to a child caseworker, you’ll be prepared to improve the lives of people all over your community. Plus, additional other advantages come with this degree, starting with the chance for excellent pay and a steady career. This is an exciting, rewarding field, and you can be a part of it if you have the right education.


Many of the positions come with strong annual salaries, and there is a general upward trend in demand for people trained in this area. Most of all, you’ll work in a fulfilling, deeply rewarding career. You’ll stay motivated every day knowing that your work is directly improving the lives of individuals while creating strong families and communities. For most graduates, this is an important benefit to a degree in family and consumer science. 

  • Community Service Managers—These professionals work with the community to identify and implement services, such as events, housing, clothing drives, or recreational facilities, depending on the specifics of the community. They often oversee staff and create reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of certain programs. In this career, you can enjoy a median salary of $64,100, and if you enter the top 10%, you can expect a salary over $109,000 a year. Not only is the pay strong, the expected growth is 18%, so there should be plenty of opportunities for people with the right degree. 
  • Health Educator—Health and wellness can be extremely complex, but many people turn to health educators to get the advice and guidance they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. These professionals develop strategies for healthy living, and give people the right tools to maintain an active lifestyle with a positive wellbeing. Duties range from creating plans for individuals to advocating for more resources towards health initiatives, and they are employed by government, religious, and profit-based organizations. The top 10% in this field can expect salaries over $64,000, and the 16% growth is driven by an overall focus on preventative health to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality of life.


To excel as a graduate of family and consumer science, you need the right traits and attitude. While many different people can perform in these professions, there are some characteristics that will help you have a sustained, successful career. One of the most important attributes is a passion for helping families and children. Much of this career centers around the family unit, so having an interest in helping families can be crucial. You should also be open to different cultures and personalities, as the families you work with will have a variety of cultural values that impact how they respond to your work. 


If you are ready to enter a degree in family and consumer science, you need to select the right program. Each degree is different, so make sure it will fit your needs for scheduling, as well as your future goals. Start by reviewing the coursework to make sure the classes will help you land the specific job you desire. You’ll also want to verify that the classes are offered 100% online, which will make attending far more convenient.

You also want to check for accreditation. If the program is accredited, it has been reviewed for quality and consistency and is more likely to give you an education that makes you a top-quality professional. All programs in this database are regionally accredited.


With information and resources, we have the resources you need to find the right degree to match your future goals, allowing you to become a leading professional in family and consumer science. Click on a program below to access information on tuition, accreditation, and admission requirements. 

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