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Accredited Online Worship & Music Ministry Degrees

Online music ministry degree graduates spread the word through musicWorship and music ministry is the skill of conducting and directing music for a religious congregation. It is primarily focused on the elements of music, such as notes, tempos, and melody, but it also combines theological and religious aspects, teaching students about a faith. The result is that you are a well-trained professional who understands how to create music for church services, choir recitals, and other faith-based services. The best perk? You get to work in a field that is fun, engaging, interesting, and rewarding. You can basically have a full-time job playing, planning, and directing music, which is a career that many people would love but few get to realize. Does a career playing music sound like your dream? You don’t have to be a traveling musician, and you don’t have to play late-night bars every weekend. If you have a strong faith, or at least an appreciation for religious music, you might be the ideal person to complete an online degree in music ministry.


When you complete an online music ministry degree, you will be able to move into many different careers. Most, of course, will be centered on music, but they don’t always have to be in churches or other faith communities. While you could certainly work as a church’s music director, you could also become a music therapist, music missionary, or a researcher in the art of worship. According to the BLS, musicians and singers work as self-employed workers, for performing art centers, or for educational services, so there are many options for this degree. Let’s take a closer look at two specific careers that you might pursue after completing an online degree in music ministry:

  • Music Director—In this job, you would not be playing music as much as you would be leading others in musical performances. You might lead orchestras and bands, or choirs in churches. You would select music arrangements, prepare for performances, and instruct musicians on the proper musical techniques. This job has a strong median salary of $50,590, and the top 10% in the field can expect to earn over $109,000. It only requires a bachelor’s degree for most positions, and while the 6% growth might seem small, this is actually only slightly lower than the national average of 7%.
  • High School Music Teacher—High school teachers are an important part of shaping the future of our country, and music teachers are needed to help create more musical minds and develop talent. Planning musical lessons, assessing student progress, grading assignments, and communicating with parents are just a few of the responsibilities that come with this profession. The median salary for this career is excellent, and the top 10% can expect to earn over $95,000 a year. While high school teachers generally need only a bachelor’s degree, you will likely need a combination of music and teaching education for this career, as well as teaching certifications.


If you appreciate music, and understand its importance in religious ceremonies, then you could be an ideal candidate for this type of education. To excel in an online music ministry program, you need a general appreciation for music, although a passion for music would be even better. You also have to appreciate how music can be used as an uplifting tool for spiritual messages.


So if you dedicated to enrolling in an online music ministry program, what type of degree should you seek. A lot will depend on your personal preferences and goals for the future, but one of the aspects you should look at is whether the degree is offered 100% online or if there will be in-person requirements. This can make a big difference on your learning, so don’t ignore this aspect of the degree. All of the degrees listed below are available at least 80% online.

You should also check the coursework to make sure it aligns with your future goals, and check the prerequisites to see if there are classes or educational requirements you need to complete. Finally, don’t enroll in a program until you have fully checked the accreditation. An accredited program has been verified by leading institutions, ensuring that the education you receive will meet the highest possible standards. Again, we’ve done the work for you. All of the programs in our directory hold proper accreditation (national or regional). 


Click on a program below to get the information you need to choose a fantastic degree. Whether you want to work in must composition or want to have a future providing therapeutic music, you’ll have the resources to make the right decision.

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