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Accredited Online Teacher Leadership Degrees

An online teacher leadership degree guides other educators in their institutionUsually packaged as a focus for a master’s degree, teacher leadership develops your skills in the educational process, with a heavy focus on guiding and leading fellow teachers. It’s often intended for experienced educators, and will help you create stronger schools while delivering better results from students. As a graduate of a teacher-leadership program, you will have new skills that make you even more valuable to schools. You’ll be trained in connecting the school with your community, creating valuable relationships between these two groups. You’ll have an advanced education in the ethics and principles of teaching while honing your leadership skills and management capabilities. You’ll be better equipped to create curriculum, communicate with principles and administrators, and bolster student achievement through new technologies and improved student-evaluation methods. All of these skills make you an in-demand candidate for many teaching jobs, and could help launch a career as a principle or school administrator. 


The benefit to this education is that you get to enhance your skills in your current career. You’ll have a better understanding of education, but above all you’ll know how to lead groups of teachers towards a common goal: the effective education of students. You’ll be more hirable, increasing your chances of landing and keeping a teaching job, and you’ll increase your chances of moving into leadership positions, which often come with higher pay.

  • High School Teacher—Possibly the most challenging, yet deeply rewarding career in the country, a high school teacher has numerous responsibilities ranging from curriculum instructor to role model for maturing teenagers. With an education in teacher leadership, you’ll be a more effective high school teacher thanks to skills that help lift other teachers while positively influencing students. This career has a median salary of $59,170, but with this education, you should be able to command a larger salary, even moving into the top 10%, who earn incomes over $95,000 annually.
  • School Principal—School principals have many responsibilities, but the overall task is to operate an effective school that delivers graduates prepared for either college or the professional world. Duties include the management of school and the leadership of teachers, so a master’s degree with a focus on teacher leadership can be an effective route to this career. Good school principals are in high demand, and the top 10% can expect salaries over $140,000 a year. The growth is expected to be 8%, resulting in roughly 271,000 jobs by 2026. 


With the right traits, you can become an effective graduate of teacher leadership. One of the most important attributes is a desire to lead. If you have always been the person who leads groups and takes leadership positions, then you may be an ideal candidate for this education. People who enjoy leadership will thrive with this education, as they’ll have the skills to match their passion for leading. 

Another important attribute is a passion for teaching and education. This can be a frustrating profession, but it’s also deeply rewarding. To make it through the program, and the excel as a leader of teachers, you need a personal belief in the importance of education. Without this fundamental characteristic, teaching leadership can be frustrating and even overwhelming. But when you have faith in the importance of education, you’ll have a foundation for sustained success in your career. 


If you are ready to enter a teacher-leadership program, make sure you find the right degree for your future. You’ll want to check numerous aspects of the program to make sure it will deliver the education and career options you desire. Start by reviewing the program curriculum to make sure it has the right classes for your future goals. You’ll also want to make sure the program is offered 100% online, as this can impact how and when you attend the course. Accreditation is extremely important as well. When a program is accredited, it has been reviewed for educational quality and consistency. Always check accreditation status before signing up for an online teacher-leadership degree.


This database can help you find the right degree for your specific needs. Click on a program to get more information on tuition, accreditation, and admission requirements. Begin your journey in a teacher-leadership program to help you become an effective member of America’s educational system today!

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