Students and career professionals can seek out advanced degrees and certificate programs in the multi-faceted area of travel. Travel has long been seen a luxury to many, originally only done by upper class individuals who had the extra time and finances to be able to explore foreign and domestic lands. Now with the modern availability of multiple types of methods, the opportunity for traveling has expanded to the masses. Travel offers an individual the opportunity to learn and experience the sights, sounds, foods, music and cultures of surrounding and abroad countries, states, cities and any other type of destination. The priceless value of memories can make any vacation worth it.

The travel industry is comprised of many members and features. There are a multitude of factors that create the availability of travel; The modern innovation of airplanes, trains, cars, busses and ships have opened the vehicles of travel beyond ‘a day’s horse ride’. The professional employees of these vehicles, stewards, flight attendants, captains, pilots and drivers require many years’ experience, safety precautions and schooling to provide the most efficient and safe time spent on the path to a destination.

Another attribute of the travel industry can be the individuals responsible for the exciting events, sights and experiences from each destination. The travel agent the travel guide and guide book writers are all experts in telling the general population where to go in another place. These guides and agents are usually very well-traveled themselves and undoubtedly have some type of higher education with degrees in business, English, sociology, foreign affairs or a foreign language. The skilled individual responsible for navigating a foreign place to visitors is passionate about their job and enjoys educating and informing others about the wonders and secrets of local and distant attraction.


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