Students of colleges, trade schools and universities can choose to specialize in areas of design with a several options within the construction business. Construction can be a simple bathroom renovation project, or as complex as the design, development and engineering of modern marvel like the Eiffel Tower. Becoming an architect, site manager, engineer or individual entrepreneur of a construction company is part of the learned academics and hands on training students will receive when taking a concentration in building infrastructure.

A simple definition of construction: Construction is the process of adding structure to real property or the building or assembling of an infrastructure. Far from being a simple definition, the actual practice of construction involves many human feats in addition to design, financial support, legal considerations and safety standards.

In the modern industrialized world, construction involves the physical translation of design into a tangible reality. The key element of a design team is the responsibility to assemble plans, drawings and specifications, prepared by a talented array of one or all of these advanced professionals; surveyors, civil engineers, cost engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers, fire protection engineers, planning consultants, architectural consultants, and archaeological consultants.

Graduates of an institutions degree program in construction can pursue a variety of career options. The industry is filled with tiered levels of skilled workers, each performing a vital task in the safe and successful job completion. The industry standards are so varied dependent on the task assigned, that career opportunities are available or individuals with years of experience, certifications, Bachelor’s degrees or even a Master’s or Doctorate level of education.


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