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The 15 Most Affordable Online Doctorate in Leadership and Management

Rankings of online doctorate in leadership and management programsWhen an MBA doesn’t set you apart in the business world, it’s time to pursue an online doctorate in leadership and management! These terminal programs are available to top leaders seeking the next step in their professional development. In some cases, a doctorate might over qualify you for lower-level management. But the credential can change the game for those at the top of their field.

While an online doctorate in leadership and management is not a Ph.D. and does not lead to academia, the credential broadens executive horizons to leadership in leadership. In other words, these studies may help you uncover the next most innovative and effective way to organize and manage teams. Your discoveries could be in the MBA textbooks, business journals, and reports the marketplace turns to for answers. Plus, earning a doctorate in business management online allows a balance between education and your career. The flexibility of virtual learning makes this an excellent choice for the working professional interested in increasing their salary. The drawbacks of an online doctorate in business management? These programs can cost more than a pretty penny. Still, with GetEducated, you can find the degree that fits your budget as well as your professional goals.

GetEducated compared 47 online doctorate in leadership and management degrees from 24 regionally accredited schools to create this ‘Best Buy’ list. Our rankings reveal the most affordable options in the United States—15 doctorate in business management online programs for under $53,300.

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Average Cost (In-state): ~$53,300
Least Expensive: North Carolina A & T State University ~$13,332.36
Most Expensive: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology ~$97,275.00

Our data-driven research creates a truly reliable system of scientific rankings. There are no fancy formulas here. We meticulously calculate total full-time tuition—including any fees—for the most accurate total cost. Our rankings cannot be bought, and therefore factually showcase the cheapest online doctorate in leadership and management options. The online doctorate degrees listed above the gray dividing line are official 2022 “Best Buys” and cost less than the national average.

Most Affordable Online Doctorate in Leadership and Management

RankSchool / DegreeStatePriceNote
North Carolina A & T State University
University of the Cumberlands
All Students
Liberty University
All Students
University of Southern Maine
Anderson University - SC
All Students
Amridge University
All Students
University of Charleston
All Students
Johnson University
All Students
Wayland Baptist University
All Students
Adler University
All Students
Concordia University - Chicago
All Students
Southeastern University
All Students
Indiana Institute of Technology
All Students
Indiana Wesleyan University
All Students
University of Maryland Global Campus
All Students
NOTE: The following schools did not make our Best Buy ranking but are also great online options.
School / DegreeStatePriceNote
Regent University
Gonzaga University
All Students
Regent University
Eastern University
All Students
Walden University
Northcentral University
All Students
Antioch University Online
All Students
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
All Students

Accreditation & Program Notes

To qualify for a ranking, a program must be regionally accredited. Additional programmatic accreditation is noted in the rank table.

14  Program is no longer accepting new students.
16  International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)
17  Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

Rankings Note

These online college rankings are based on a GetEducated Winter 2021 review of regionally online doctorate in leadership and management programs. Total cost includes full-time tuition and fees and was valid at the time of collection and specific to the online learning program. School profiles for the online doctorate degree programs in our directory may reflect a slightly different cost based on different editorial update schedules.

The published cost is an estimated sticker price for the entire online degree including fees. Actual costs may vary by student. Factors such as transfer credits, prerequisite courses, professional licensing and financial aid availability will affect final cost.

Editorial Note

Online schools do NOT pay to be included in any GetEducated online degree ranking. These rankings are editorially independent, open to any regionally accredited or candidate college that offers a doctorate degree that is available at least 80 percent through online learning and that is open to enrollment by the public. If your online college is regionally accredited and not currently reviewed by GetEducated, please contact us for inclusion.

These rankings of the cheapest online schools for leadership and management may NOT be re-posted online or reprinted in any format without a license from GetEducated ®. Consumer finance bloggers and writers can contact our editors for a free custom article on the best online doctorate in leadership and management for use on your website. Our mission: Help consumers GetEducated ® about the best online colleges for cost and credibility.

Career Guide: Online Doctorate in Leadership and Management

If you have a master’s degree in business, such as an MBA, or an advanced degree in a related field, an online doctorate in leadership and management could be the perfect choice for your future. With this degree, you’ll be prepared for some of the most challenging and unique positions in business, government, and nonprofit sectors. You’ll also have the knowledge and expertise to guide future leaders in business, administration, and leadership.

Why Get a Doctorate in Business Management?

Seeking a doctorate is not a casual choice. It takes years of study, a dedication to the classroom, and a commitment to bettering yourself and your career potential. It takes long nights of study, early mornings to pass an exam, and countless small sacrifices to meet class requirements.

Why go to the trouble? Career fulfillment is one reason. With this education, you’ll be one of the most respected and regarded professionals in the industry. You’ll have the knowledge that groups need, and the admiration of people who work in a variety of organizations.

While money is far from the only motivation, many people choose these educations because of the increased potential for people with doctoral degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for someone with a doctorate is $1,885 a week. Assuming 52 paid weeks a year, this translates to an annual salary of $98,020.

A master’s, the education just below a doctorate, brings a median salary of $1,545. This means an annual salary of $80,340. That’s a difference of almost $18,000 a year for doctorate graduates.

What to Expect from an Online Doctorate Leadership and Management

These degrees are challenging, complex, and demanding. Simply gaining entry can be difficult enough, as you’ll need a previous master’s degree in a related field, as well as a strong GPA and academic performance from your previous studies. Most programs also require letters of recommendation, a letter of intent, a resume, and other documents that highlight your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Assuming you gain entry into one of these programs, you’ll be challenged with a variety of courses that increase your understanding of business, leadership, and organization. Many of the degrees focus on a specific industry or sector, such as healthcare, nonprofit, public administration, or entrepreneurship, but others take a broader approach and can apply to any industry.

Classes in these programs can take many different forms. They will include general business subjects, such as global operations, analytics, financial decision making, and research methods. The courses will also include topics that may specialize on your concentration, such as administrative practices in healthcare or data use for entrepreneurs.

Because these are doctorate-level degrees, you’ll likely need to complete a dissertation, which is an extensive research paper.

Popular Careers for Doctorate in Leadership Graduates

Business Professor

  • Salary: $88,101
  • Education: Doctorate
  • Experience: Some required

With a doctorate in business management online, you will be prepared to lead the next generation of business leaders. Postsecondary teachers prepare coursework, deliver lectures, plan assignments, and research their specific niche. They may also serve on academic committees.

To work in this profession, you will likely need industry experience. Most universities and colleges expect their professors to have real-world experience, so you may need to work in management and leadership before you can land one of these positions.

The pay for this career is excellent, and the top 10% of all postsecondary teachers can expect salaries over $179,000. This makes it a career that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Management Analyst

  • Salary: $87,660
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience: Under 5 years

A management analyst helps companies and groups improve overall performance by restructuring and reorganizing their management. Specific work can include gathering information, interviewing personnel, reviewing financial records, and recommending new systems or procedures.

The median pay for this career is strong, but experienced, skilled, and successful management analyst can earn much more. The top 10% can expect salaries over $156,000, making this one of the best careers for people who want to work hard and earn a fantastic living. If you have an online doctorate in leadership and management degree, you’d be well positioned for earning some of the top salaries in this occupation.

This career requires experience in addition to education. Management analysts need experience in the industry to fully understand the needs, processes, and dynamics of a thriving business. Usually around five years or less is all that is required for these positions.