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Private Online College Marketing Monopolizes With 8x More Funding

Private online college enrollment marketing is more prevalent than public online colleges

A new survey of 50 college distance learning programs finds that private online colleges spend significantly more on online college marketing than public schools; on average spending more than eight times as much on distance education marketing.

Because of their online college enrollment marketing allocations you are more likely to get brochures and catalogues from private colleges or see their ads on Google, for instance.

The study by the Primary Research Group also reveals:

* More than 55 percent of programs said the economic slowdown has led to higher enrollment;

* The retention rate for distance education students has not decreased in the past year at any of the colleges surveyed;

* Direct mail was the most important online education advertising tool for 21 percent of four-year colleges surveyed;

* About 25 percent of the schools plan to increase their spending on Google ads, while another 23 percent plan to hold spending constant;

* Online course designers and instructors earn an average of $1,335.90 to develop a course from scratch.

The full online college marketing 200-plus page report is available for purchase.