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Working Mom of Three Receives $1,000 Online College Scholarship

Rebecca Danielson, working mom scholarship winner

Rebecca Danielson, a working mother with three young daughters, is a winner of the Fall 2010 Get Educated/Core4Women $1,000 online college scholarship. She is a recruiter at Ralcorp Holdings Inc., and pursues a bachelor’s degree in business administration / human resource management.

As a full-time working mother, Danielson, 32, opted to pursue an online degree after she realized it would be too difficult to manage her time and resources while attending traditional residential colleges. In 2008, she decided to take online courses through Baker College Online.

Danielson explains, “My decision to pursue my dream was driven by my desire to become a more well-rounded individual, a more valuable asset to my employer, and to broaden my skills and knowledge base.”Danielson loves her job. She enjoys working with people and helping them to achieve their goals. “I am grateful for the opportunity to touch on so many peoples’ lives and to have a positive impact.”

Danielson, of Fairview Heights, Illinois, hires employees for more than 40 different manufacturing plants located in the U.S. and Canada. From entry-level to top-managerial candidates, she guides them through the application, interview, and networking process.

Danielson’s husband served in the Marine Corps for four years. He is a volunteer firefighter, a full-time communications manager, and also pursues his bachelor degree by taking classes in the evenings. Danielson and her husband both appreciate the flexibility afforded by distance learning. Both parents can focus on their studies after their daughters are asleep and the house is quiet.

“As a full-time working mother, I am very limited in my availability to take classes in a traditional classroom setting,” says Danielson. “The flexibility of my schedule is one of the greatest benefits. Without that option, I am not confident that a bachelor degree would be attainable.”

Danielson chose Baker because the professors are committed to each student’s success. She is impressed with their interactive approach and added that most of the faculty members work in the fields they teach, so “they have a lot to bring to class.”

After she completes her bachelor degree, Danielson will consider a master in human resource development through Baker College Online. She says, “Although I am not sure where my career path will lead me, Baker’s online program has given me a good idea of the direction I will take.”

Danielson’s daughters are eight, seven, and five years old. She aims to be a good role model and an inspiration for her family. Needless to say, she is off to a great start. offers annual scholarships for moms and members of Core4Women.

(Editor’s Note: The Core4Women program is temporarily closed for the remainder of 2013. For another great scholarship opportunity open to distance learning students, please see the Get Educated Online College Scholarship.) Free Online Scholarships for Core 4 Women Members
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