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Cat Earns College Work Experience Degree Online

Cat earns life experience online degrees

Colby Nolan, a black cat, brought new meaning to the term “educational pedigree” when, in 2004, he “earned” an MBA online from Trinity Southern University of Plano, Texas. Trinity awarded the cat a MBA degree based on a review of his work experience.
The feline applied for his bachelor’s in business online but a review by the Texas degree mill found that his work experience qualified him for an executive MBA degree.
For a sum of $399, the cat was graduated with honors with a 3.5 GPA (that’s a B-plus average) after Trinity Southern officials “evaluated” his resume—which apparently showed college-level business experience in the fast food industry, child care and, er, retail management.
Colby’s diploma was purchased in a sting operation undertaken by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Trinity was cited as a degree mill in the operation and ordered to pay restitution. The college had claimed operations out of Plano for years.
The operation was commissioned in an effort to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania from an aggressive online education spam e-mail operation by Trinity Southern University, an institution that had been identified as a particularly aggressive degree mill.
Didn’t know animals could earn college degrees online? 

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