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University of Alabama Offers Top AACSB Bachelor’s in Business Online

  University of Alabama Online

The University of Alabama is dedicated to building excellence in the workplace in Alabama and across the nation through their award winning online business programs and services.  


Does Alabama Offer an AACSB Accredited Online Business Program?


Yes. The University of Alabama’s online Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Business Administration (BSCBA) is fully accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).   AACSB accreditation is considered the highest mark of quality that can be achieved by a business school. Less than five percent of university programs worldwide earn this distinction. Many large corporations require or prefer job applicants with AACSB accredited business degrees.   The program is 100% online and accepts applicants nationwide as well as in the military forces.  


What Types of Careers Do Your Online Students Pursue?


The general business degree is well suited to anyone who serves in or aspires to a position of leadership and management in the business sector. Courses are offered in management, marketing, finance, human resources, sales, recruitment, public relations, product management, hotel management, non-profit management and entrepreneurship.  


Is This a Real Degree from the University of Alabama?


Yes. When you earn an online business degree from the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration from the University of Alabama, a national leader in business training and development, your degree is the same as the degree of someone who graduates from the on-campus program.   You have lifetime access to an established and vital alumni network to assist in your career advancement no matter where you live and work.   Online students who earn the grades are also fully eligible for graduation with honors and recognition on the Dean’s list. We invite all online students to don a cap and gown and attend the regular campus graduation ceremony with their families at their side to celebrate their achievement.  


Student Success – Online Bachelor’s in Business

  Jill Rose, University of Alabama Online Graduate

Jill Rose, a Texas resident, full-time employee, and mom of two had always dreamed of attending The University of Alabama. When she learned that UA offered an online Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Business Administration she jumped at the chance to enroll.   “It wasn’t easy, and it took a lot of time, but I am incredibly thankful that I was able to gain my business degree from The University of Alabama,” said Rose in a recent interview.  

Rose began her search for a degree when her children were 18-months-old and five-years-old. She couldn’t leave her Texas town or quit work, so she researched online programs in an effort to accommodate her busy schedule.   “I originally selected three schools offering online degrees that interested me. I did research on all three and UA came out the clear winner,” she said.  

Rose was easily able to dispel any doubts about the quality of the online program offered by Bama at a Distance.   “All of the major exams were proctored,” she says – something that made the experience feel more real, but that also gave the program more credibility. This, along with the numerous papers and projects, helped to dispel the thoughts of others that I was getting ‘less of a degree’ because it was online.”   “I liked that the degree I received is the same as that offered on campus. It made me feel like I was an actual student and not someone sitting in Texas taking classes.”  

The classes inspired Rose to undertake a new business career.   “After after taking International Business and Retail Marketing I found myself interested in pursuing something greater. A little more than one month after graduating from UA I began the process of launching my own business, Du Monde Furnishings – a home accessories boutique that only offers high quality imported products. I truly believe that a spark was lit by both of those classes and it has resulted in the creation of my own business venture.”  


Is The University of Alabama Online Affordable for Out of State Students?


The University of Alabama charges the same low tuition to online students regardless of their state of residency. This means if you are a distance learner in Georgia (or anywhere else) you are paying the same tuition rate as a distance learner who lives in Alabama. This includes military students, whether deployed or stateside.   The University of Alabama’s  online business program is extremely affordable. When ranked objectively against more than 126 other online business administration degrees surveyed by Get Educated, an Alabama online BSCBA costs about $8,000 less than the national average.   Top quality. Low cost. The best business education and networking for serious professionals, all available 100% online from a nationally trusted name in higher education.    



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