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Finding Affordable Online Colleges: Online Masters Degree [VIDEO]


An online masters degree can cost as little as $5,500, or up to $33,000. Research by Get Educated highlights the top things to look for in finding an affordable masters degree online. A quick view of this video buyer’s guide will help you Get Educated online without going broke. The price you pay for your online masters degree will depend, first of all, on your chosen major.


Be a sleuth before spending money on your masters degree. Use this guide to suss out an online school that will give you a top education without leaving you drowning in debt.


Affordable Online Colleges: Masters Degree Cost Comparison


In the video, Vicky Phillips, founder of Get Educated, uses an online masters in information systems (IT) to illustrate what a huge difference in price one can pay for a degree, depending on which online school they choose. At University of Phoenix Online, tuition costs are nearly $25,000 for an online masters degree program in IT, whereas the cost for an information systems degree at Dakota State University Online, at $10,000, is half that of Phoenix – much more affordable.


Online Masters Degree: Average Cost


The average cost for an online masters degree ranges from $20,000 to $33,000. What you will pay for your online masters will depend on your degree major. Based on research from Get Educated, here’s a list of the average costs of online masters degrees in the most popular major areas:


  1. MBA – AACSB – $33,000
  2. Engineering – $26,000
  3. Computer Science IT – $25,000
  4. MBA – Non-AACSB – $23,000
  5. Psychology / Human Services – $23,000
  6. Leadership – $23,000
  7. Human Resources – $22,000
  8. Management –$22,000
  9. Healthcare – $22,000
  10. Nursing –$20,000
  11. Public Administration – $19,000
  12. Criminal Justice, Law – $18,000
  13. Education – $16,000


Online MBA candidates at AACSB accredited schools can expect to fork over the most money for their masters degrees, while teachers aiming for an online education masters will pay the lowest cost for their online masters degree. Want more? See our Best Online Colleges, rankings of Affordable Online Degrees for the best tuition deals nationwide. Use our free online degree search tool to Get Educated? on online college costs If you need more advice, or have questions, start talking in our online degree forums.



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