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Finding Affordable Online Colleges: Bachelors Degree [VIDEO]


Get Educated has published rankings of the best online colleges for more than a decade.  We’re committed to helping students like you find great deals on colleges, and become a savvy consumer when it comes to spending money on your education. In this video Get Educated’s founder Vicky Phillips outlines the three traits that the most expensive colleges for an online bachelors degree have in common. When you can pay as little as $15,000 or as much as $112,000 for an accredited online bachelors degree, why wouldn’t you hunt for a deal?



Affordable Online Colleges: Bachelors Degree Cost Comparison


This video uses an online psychology degree as an example for in cost-comparing bachelors degrees. As Vicky points out, the most expensive online bachelors degree comes from Drexel University, which is based in Pennsylvania. Their online bachelors degree in psychology costs a whopping $112,000. The least expensive online bachelors degree is at Colorado State University – Pueblo. This online bachelors degree in social sciences costs just $18,000. Before starting your online college search, it’s helpful to be an educated buyer, and know what the average cost of your tuition might be.


Online Bachelors Degree: Average Cost


Business Degree: $45,000 Healthcare Degree: $45,500 Psychology and Human Services Degree: $44,000

See our Best Online Colleges, Affordable Degrees page for the best deals out there in each of these bachelors. Use our free online degree search tool to Get Educated!? If you need more advice, or have questions, start talking on our online bachelors degree forums.



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