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Business Degrees Online: Best Majors for Highest Paying Jobs [VIDEO]


According to the U.S. Department of Education, one-third of all bachelors degrees are business degrees. Get Educated has published rankings of the best online colleges for more than a decade. Our surveys show that business degrees online don’t have to cost a fortune. Earning a degree in administration or management is the best way to qualify for the highest paying jobs right out of college. But it’s also important to pick the best business majors for the highest paying jobs later on. Which business degrees online help you land the highest paying jobs after graduation?



Business Degrees are Better for the Highest Paying Jobs


There’s a good reason business degree majors make up a third of all college graduates: They stand to earn the most after college is over. Someone with a liberal arts degree can start out earning an average of $35,000 a year in salary right after college. Someone with a business degree, on the other hand, can start making about $50,000 in annual salary. Four business degrees in particular are mentioned as the most likely to land you the highest paying jobs after graduation, because there is strong demand for these skills.


Best Degrees for the Highest Paying Jobs


Students who have studied accounting or finance are in highest demand. Another option is to combine the study of business with computer science and information systems. Both high-demand majors lead to high-paying jobs.


Cost of a Business Degree Online


The Get Educated online degree database lists over 300 bachelors degrees in business. An online bachelors in business can cost as little as $13,560 with East Carolina University. Or it can also cost as much as $111,600 with Drexel University. Look to state colleges to find the lowest online tuition, because they’re already subsidized by your tax dollars. The average cost of an online bachelors in business is $45,000 to $49,000.



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