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2017 Top Picks: Online Bachelor Degree Programs

We’ve gathered the best and brightest online Bachelor’s degrees by subject category for you to explore. Start with our top sponsored picks below or browse all school listings.

Art & Liberal Arts

  • Bachelor of Science in Government Public Administration (Liberty University) – Graduates of this program will be ready to face today’s tough social issues with a biblical worldview.
  • Bachelor of Science in Music Production (Full Sail University) – In this program, students develop an understanding of contemporary music hardware and software technology by creating their own songs, scores, and soundtracks.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Media Arts (Southern New Hamshire University) – Coursework in SNHU’s online graphic design degree program is built around training you in aesthetics and creative problem solving using the latest technology, while also providing cultural and social context for the work you do.
  • Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies (Grantham University) – This program provides a larger number of course selections so that a student can tailor his/her degree to specific career specialization areas.


Computer Science & IT

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology / Network Administration (Western Governors University) – This challenging program incorporates multiple recognized industry certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft and prepares you with the cutting-edge network server administration skills and the broad foundation of IT knowledge you need to become an effective, marketable network server administrator.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming (Grand Canyon University) – Students receive a contextual general education in addition to taking major courses focused on information security, cloud computing, software project management and more.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Southern New Hampshire University) – Lessons focus on the science behind modern computing, programming languages, operating systems, systems architecture, quality assurance and the software development life cycle.
  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security (Grantham University) – Upon completion of the degree students are prepared to sit for industry standard certifications in Network+, Security+ and CISSP.
  • Bachelor of Science Web Design & Development (Full Sail University) – This program equips students with the essential software, programming, and design knowledge needed to create dynamic websites to meet the needs of their clients.

Criminal Justice, Safety & Law

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Capella University) – This program is recognized by The FBI National Academy, International Association of Emergency Managers, United States Secret Service and the National Sheriffs’ Association.
  • Bachelor of Science in Government / Pre-Law (Liberty University) – Students are equipped for success in the complex field of law through the study of persuasive argumentation, comparative politics, the judicial process, and jurisprudence.
  • Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies (Kaplan University) – Kaplan’s outcomes-oriented curriculum was developed by professionals experienced in law, policy, and education and emphasizes the political, governmental, and constitutional framework of the American legal system, while helping you develop your communication, critical thinking, and research skills.
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Safety & Emergency Management (Grand Canyon University) – This program highlights the application of research methodology; the utilization of communication skills at the personal, professional, and public level; and the development of professional skills and knowledge in the fields of public safety and emergency management.


  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (Grand Canyon University) – The curriculum includes instructional strategies, teaching methodologies, assessment techniques, theories of early childhood growth and development, and the impact of family and cultural diversity on early childhood.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Special Education K-12 (Western Governors University) – This challenging program teaches the content knowledge and effective teaching skills necessary to become a special education instructor for students with mild to moderate disabilities.
  • Bachelor of Science in Biblical and Educational Studies (Liberty University) – Aiming to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to develop into biblically trained teachers who can impact the Christian education system, the curriculum provides students with an understanding of church history and theological issues.
  • Bachelor of Arts in History for Secondary Education (Grand Canyon University) – This program opens the doors for a scholar to become a middle school or high school social studies or history teacher.


  • Bachelor of Science Health Care Administration / Leadership (Capella University) – This degree program builds knowledge and skills in health information management, financial management, leadership, and communications with a focus on health care.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business / Healthcare Management (Western Governors University) – The online healthcare management degree program helps you gain the skills you need to become an effective manager of health systems and operations.
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science (Southern New Hampshire University) – Exclusively designed for professionals with an associate degree in the allied health field, SNHU’s transfer-friendly health science degree online is structured to maximize your transfer of credits for prior coursework – so you can make the most of what you’ve learned previously and take only the classes you need to obtain your bachelor’s degree.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science (Kaplan University) – This program is designed to prepare students academically to pursue a variety of nutrition-oriented careers and advanced education.
  • Bachelor of Science in Informatics / Healthcare Informatics (Liberty University) – Over the duration of this program, students will discuss management techniques, healthcare coding and classification, healthcare enterprise systems, business application software and programming, Web architecture and development, and pharmacology.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing Prelicensure (Western Governors University) – This degree program prepares you with the content knowledge and extensive clinical experience to earn your bachelor’s degree and prepare you to sit for the NCLEX licensing exam.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN to BSN (Our Lady of the Lake College) – Students of the RN-BSN program have the opportunity to directly improve their personal and professional transformation and will be able to assume roles as culturally competent nurse leaders and nurse educators.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN to BSN (Southern New Hampshire University) – This CCNE-accredited program at SNHU is designed to accommodate your busy life as a working nurse.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN to BSN (Loyola University New Orleans) – This program is 100% online within a versatile and supportive format that provides you the utmost flexibility.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN to BSN Completion CCNE-accredited (Capella University) – You’ll have the ability to conduct comprehensive and focused assessments of health and illness parameters in individuals, groups, and vulnerable populations. You’ll also learn to incorporate safety and quality practices and evidence-based practice interventions as well as understand the scope and role of policy, finance, and regulatory environments.

Psychology & Human Services

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Capella University) – This program is designed around American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines and helps you develop an understanding of human learning, emotions, and behaviors.
  • Bachelor of Science in Counseling / Addiction, Chemical Dependency & Substance Abuse (Grand Canyon University) – Core courses include study of the psychopathological behavior’s impact on the individual, family, and society; screening and assessment methods at the beginning of treatment; and case management during the treatment phases.
  • Bachelor of Science in Social Work (Liberty University) – This degree option allows you to integrate your faith as you evaluate, engage, and intervene with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Services (Southern New Hampshire University) – Develop the research and communication skills needed to identify and assess community resources for your clients, conduct community assessments, and interview and assist clients who need services.

Theology & Ministry

  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies / Philosophy (Grand Canyon University) – The philosophy emphasis of the Christian studies degree program prepares you for ministry requiring ethical and ideological engagement in the public arena.
  • Bachelor of Science in Religion / Biblical and Theological Studies (Liberty University) – This program aims to equip students with a solid, biblical foundation that an individual needs to serve in a ministry capacity. Concepts and skills such as understanding the fundamentals of the Bible, Christianity, Christian theology, and the Christian church are all covered.