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Sociology, Political Science and Justice Studies, Part 2


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Critical thinking, good communicating and knowing how to find quality information is a dangerous combination that serves social science students well. No matter their degree, these students are prepared to enter the criminal justice industry or even pursue a career in politics. Most excel at finding different pieces of information needed to make an argument or proposal and many find work in research for government organizations and lawyer offices. For this reason, social science students tend to further their education with a Law degree. Again, these students are skilled in communication, which can be a valuable asset in any industry. The social science skill set is not restricted to lawyer offices, but also finds a place in healthcare and education systems. These two fields, as well as Law, play to a social student’s trend of being most content in a position that serves others and can be viewed as a social service. 
Social Science Pathways[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]