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Second Bachelor’s from Penn State vs Online MBA from Southeastern?!

Hello everyone,


I am writing this post to seek your advice regarding my decision-making process to choose between a second B.S and an MBA. First of all, I have a Bachelor of Commerce from Cairo University-Egypt, which I earned back in 2009. I also have 4 years of professional experience in sales management, international trade, and catering. 

Few months ago, I thought of pursuing another degree in order to enhance my knowledge and skills in Business Adm. During that time, I also thought of linking business to tech as I see the demand on IT professionals has been increasing plus I have passion toward IT. I wanted to test my ability as a novice IT learner by studying for the MTA Microsoft Cert. and fortunately, I passed the exam and got the Cert. 

So I decided to apply for an online B.S in Security and Risk Analysis at Penn State and after a few months, they offered me admission but I still did not accept the offer. During the time I was waiting for the Penn State admission, I read a lot of articles about the benefits of a master’s in my field over a second bachelor’s which urged me to look for an online MBA with no GMAT requirement and AACSB accredited. 

Fortunately, I found an AACSB accredited program that does require work experience but no GMAT on the list. This program is offered by Southeastern Oklahoma State University and I can graduate in 12 months if I want to. (Based on my knowledge and the reports, Southeastern is a low-tier university when compared to a world-class university like Penn State) 


The question is: Should I choose a second bachelor’s in a different field of my interest (IT) from a reputable university (Penn State) or go with a one-year AACSB MBA in Finance from a low-tier university? Which one will benefit me more in my career? Is an AACSB accredited MBA still valuable even if the school is not on the list of the best? To mention, B.S is $64,000 vs $13,000 for MBA.


I would appreciate your advice and opinions. 



Mohamed Abdellatif

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