Cheapest AACSB Online MBA No GMAT

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mhd.alkhadra posted this 26 October 2012 - Last edited 14 March 2016

Hi, I was searching in about my question but it seems nobody asked this particular question before, I'm looking for an AACSB accredited online MBA programs that doesn't cost more than $20,000 AND has no GMAT/GRE requirement.

I hope someone has a valuable information about this.


VickyPhillips posted this 26 October 2012 - Last edited 14 March 2016


First, review our great online MBA AACSB rankings by cost.

The cost data for this type of mba online is:

Average Cost: $36,166
Most Affordable: $8,990 - University of Louisiana Online Monroe
Most Expensive: $135,550 - Duke University Online

At $20,000 you are looking for a below cost option. Our ranking table (linked above) lists 32 mba degrees online AACSB that meet your $20,000 or under criteria.

Next, look at our great list of online MBA AACSB NO GRE. There are 14 options on this list.

If you compare the two you have several options for an AACSB MBA with NO GRE.

The University of Wyoming is one such program. Colorado State MBA is another and so on.

The cheapest option for an AACSB online MBA with no GMAT is from Frostburg State University and costs $16,164. 

You need to look at these charts. In the case of NO GRE you'll need to meet the criteria for waiver listed om the tables. For the Frostburg program you'll need an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher and at least 2 years of experience.

You can also search all online mba programs.

This will give you a custom short list to play with.

Good Luck!

Vicky Phillips