As a teacher in a small school district, I was asked by my administration to become certified to teach early childhood special education, then later, to teach K-12 special education. I took the necessary courses for graduate credit, but not towards a master's degree (non-matriculated), because that was not required for the endorsements, and at the time, having a master's egree wouldn't change my employment options, and would only make a $600 dollar per year change in my salary, which wouldn't justify the considerable additional expense and work. However, I'm now seeing a need/availability of online adjunct college instructor positions requiring only a master's degree vs. a doctoral degree. I would like to become an early childhood/early childhood special education college instructor, but the university I took the graduate classes from doesn't offer a Master's in Early Childhood Special Education. I've contacted a couple of other universities and was told that I don't have enough classes left to meet the minimum credits they require be taken from them in order for them to grant me a master's. It's a catch 22... Any suggestions?