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TEACHING ONLINE — Learn to teach online with the complete guide for online instructors and teachers looking for work as an online adjunct, including tips and strategies to better teach online courses, military distance learning, online training programs, pay and salary ranges, using video games for online classes, and a free e-book on how to motivate and retain adult learners.

Teacher Rates University of Alabama a Top Online Education School
Learn to Teach Online
By Kayleigh Gilbert   
Graduate of University of Alabama's Top Ranked Online Education School

The University of Alabama doesn’t have a Malaysia campus. But that didn’t stop Kelly Wright from earned a Master of Arts in Special Education from the University of Alabama while teaching at the International Community School in Singapore.

After completing a degree in Elementary Education, Wright was excited to expand her teaching credentials to include Special Education. Shortly after enrolling in The University of Alabama's Gifted and Talented program, an opportunity arose for Wright to teach in Kenya. The area's poor technology inhibited her from continuing her coursework. Determined to finish what she started, Wright resumed her graduate studies after moving to Singapore for her next teaching assignment. Social media and online discussion boards allowed Wright to complete assignments and interact with professors and classmates despite the long distance.

Free Elearning Instructional Design eBook: 131 Tips on Graphics and Animations
Learn to Teach Online
By Rachel Wang   
Wayan Vota/Flickr
Great Elearning Instructional Design Keeps Students Engaged
We’ve all sat through presentations with great material but awful graphics and animations. (Maybe you’ve even given one!)

Gaudy colors, obnoxious fonts and poorly laid-out illustrations can all distract students from content that deserves their time and attention. But, as an online teacher, you know how difficult it can be to strike the right balance between catchy graphics and over-the-top visual aids.

Improving your design can be the key to getting your message across with panache. That’s where the eLearning Guild’s latest ebook, “131 Tips on Graphics and Animations for eLearning,” can help. This downloadable read features more than 100 tips on how to make your presentations more eye-catching and informative.

Finding Balance: 4 Great Time Management Tips for New Online Instructors
Learn to Teach Online
By David Handlos   
stratman2 (2 many pix!)/Flickr
Beat the Clock with Time Management Tips for Online Instructors
I’ve blogged in the past about my (mis)adventures in online learning as a using mobile learning appstransferring programs and study tips for traveling. This spring I was fortunate enough to join the University of Nebraska at Kearney as an online instructor. In an interesting turn of events, I began teaching online courses instead of taking them. 

Even more importantly, right before starting my inaugural semester as an online instructor, I was blessed to become a first-time father. This meant that I had to be better than ever at managing my time, or I’d miss out on seeing a lot of “first” moments with my daughter.

It wasn’t easy, but as the semester progressed, I learned four great ways to save time. These techniques helped me find balance between my job as a new online teacher and my life as a new parent.

Free eBook: 68 Take Away Tips for Online Student Engagement
Learn to Teach Online
By Vicky Phillips, Chief Education Analyst   
Aaron Jacobs/Flickr
Prevent Sleepy Elearners with Tips for Online Student Engagement
"Engagement is a critical element of learning. If we can get people to pay attention to what we’ve developed or what we’re saying and engage with us, the content, and each other, learning follows."

That's how Chris Benz, director of online events, introduces the eLearning Guild's new free ebook for online course designers: "68 Tips for eLearning Engagement and Interactivity."

This free ebook is worth hitting the download button. It's a treasure trove of practical advice on techniques that can help improve your elearning course design skills.

The end game: design ever-better elearning that engages and retains adult learners online.

LinkedIn Secrets to Find Online Education Jobs and Adjunct Positions
Learn to Teach Online
By Danielle Winkler   
Finding Online Education Jobs Online Adjunct Positions with LinkedIn
Searching for non-traditional jobs calls for non-traditional measures. And when it comes to searching for online education jobs or online adjunct positions, professional networking site LinkedIn is an oft overlooked resource.

Sure, LinkedIn is a great tool for finding job postings, but the real bang for your buck lies in the huge free networking opportunities this service provides.

LinkedIn is the perfect way for online educators to see and be seen. You can quietly peruse online job postings but you can also join group discussions, establish your professional resume, and control your professional online presence.

If you’re unfamiliar with LinkedIn, the online experts at GetEducated have prepared this handy crash course to get you started networking your way into your next online teaching gig!


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