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Post On: Sep 11, 2012
Grade: A
I'm doing the MBA/MS-Finance combined degree, and I don't think any other online MBA program offers one without having to visit the actual campus. The residency program however is available for a second year student, but it is entirely optional. I'm in my first year. In each class, you get 2 teachers: a lead faculty who is a current MBA professor at the actual NEU campus in Boston and a course instructor who resides all over the world and was hired directly by NEU. You interact more with the instructor, but you can interact with the faculty just as much if you reach out. And they love it when you do. Just like any on-campus experiences, you get mixes of good teachers and bad teachers – so far it’s been more goods than bads. There are weekly live sessions when the faculty/instructor actually teaches, and these are live, not recorded (but recording is available later if there's a schedule conflict), so you can you raise you hand and ask questions like in a real classroom. Just because GMAT isn't required, doesn't make this an "easy school". The material is tough and it is A LOT of hard work. You get what you put into it. I love that I'm able to network with people from many companies, states, and countries and I actually became a good friend with some of my classmates that we are planning a meeting in a few months. Their alumni network is very large and the local chapters welcome online students just the same. I went to one of the local chapter meetings and felt very welcoming and met a lot of great people. You're not just studying through a computer screen -- it is a very interactive program. Yes, the tuition is insane, but it's normal considering NEU is a private university. If you can afford it, NEU is a great school. You have 2 teachers for each class - a lead faculty that is a current professor at the actual NEU campus and a course instructor who is hired directly by NEU but can reside all over the world. You can talk to both them for your class questions and you have weekly live sessions (actual teaching through a program .. and it's live teaching, not a recording. So you can raise you hand and ask question in the middle of the teaching, just like a real classroom. But the recording is available if you have a schedule conflict) I'm in my first year-- and just like in a real campus setting, you get good teachers and bad teachers and some fit one student better than another. The materials are tough and it is A LOT of work. Just because you can get in without taking the GMAT (which I did anyway just for the heck of it) doesn't mean this is an "easy school". They expect a lot out of their students. Professors/Instructors are very approachable, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable (except one so far that just seem so rude!!), and I love that I am developing networks with people from so many companies, states, and countries. I've become a good friend with several of the classmate that we are actually planning a meeting in couple of month. You get what you put into it. And NEU has a lot to offer. Their alumni network is all over the world -- and they welcome online students just like if you were an on-campus student (I went to an alumni meeting at a local chapter -- great experience and met so many wonderful people). It's more than a computer screen -- it's very interactive. Lots of group work though -- not my thing, but it's how it's like at the actual on-campus, too. Yes -- tuition price is insane, but if you can afford it, this is a great school to consider. I'm doing the MBA/MS-Finance combo -- I don't think anybody else offer a combined degree without visiting campus. NEU does have a residency option for a second year student, but it is completely optional.


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