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Online college scholarship and grant programs are plentiful, but many are hiding. The trick to winning a free distance learning college scholarship or grant is to know they exist. has compiled a list of the best free online education grant and scholarship programs to help you get closer to an affordable online degree. In fact, we even sponsor our own online college scholarship program which makes $1,000 grants to distance learning students for college and continuing education online. Whether you are searching for financial aid scholarships or grants for women, the military, or to cut the cost of your bachelors or masters degree consult's online school financial aid advice center to find the best online university financial aid in the form of free money.

Heavy Metal Drummer Uses Online College Scholarship to Earn Finance Degree
Online College Financial Aid  >  Online College Grant and Scholarships
By Rachel Wang   

Heavy Metal Musician Alex Dondre is a Get Educated Online Scholarship Winner Alex Dontre
Alex Dontre loves his dual life: finance degree student by day, heavy metal drummer by night.

The 28-year-old musician never expected to go back to school. But online learning made it possible for him to pursue his career while going to school.

And with the help of a $1,000 online college scholarship from Get Educated, he’s on his way to earning his first degree.

Ten years ago, Alex was ready to escape his high school’s negative environment. He was so eager to leave that he even went to summer school to earn enough credits for early graduation.

“I grew up in Phoenix and graduated from high school in 2002 as a junior,” he says. “Honestly, I just hated high school.”

His focus was—and still is—music. He began drumming at age 12 and quickly realized he wanted to pursue it as a career.

Alex answered a local newspaper ad for a heavy metal drummer and joined the band Psychostick “when I was 15—still had braces,” he says. 

Bosnian Refugee Wins Online College Scholarship for Psychology Degree
Online College Financial Aid  >  Online College Grant and Scholarships
By Rachel Wang   

Bosnian Refugee Emina Dedic, Online College Scholarship Winner, Will Use Award for Psychology Degree Emina Dedic
Emina Dedic’s degree isn’t only for her. 

“It’s for my mother, my father; it’s for everyone in my family who wanted to go [to school] who never did, who never could, or who never had that opportunity,” she says.

She’s well aware of the sacrifices her parents made so she could have a chance at a college education. This knowledge has kept the 23-year-old steadily working toward a degree for the past five years, paying off her degree class by class.

Now, after winning a $1,000 scholarship from Get Educated, she can finally see a graduation date in sight.

Nearly 20 years ago, Emina and her family arrived on U.S. shores as Bosnian Muslim refugees. Religious persecution and brutal ethnic cleansing by Serbia drove them away from their native Bosnia.

While her immediate family all survived, some of her extended family never made it out.

“Half of my family is pretty much missing,” she says, explaining that Bosnian Muslims were particularly targeted in the genocide. 

She credits the Red Cross for helping them make it safely to the northern Atlanta, Ga. area.

Get Educated Online College Scholarship: Teacher Wins $1,000 to Finish Degree
Online College Financial Aid  >  Online College Grant and Scholarships
By Rachel Wang   
Get Educated Scholarship Winner, Teacher Jennifer Hendrickson
After years of working as a teacher and homeschooling her children, Jennifer Hendrickson made a decision. It was time to get her bachelor's degree.

But the cost of a degree was far above her family budget—particularly since Jennifer and her husband, Jason, wanted to pay in cash. 

She gave up hope until she discovered Thomas Edison State College. Now, more than a year later, she’s finishing up a bachelor degree online and will soon be able to call herself a certified teacher. 

And thanks to her Get Educated $1,000 online college scholarship, she’ll have plenty of greens to help pay off her degree.

Jennifer, 40, has worked in education for 24 years. Her current job as a class coordinator for an alternative learning education program often requires her to teach, but she does not have a formal degree or certification.
Single Mother Wins Scholarship for Masters in Recreation Degree Online
Online College Financial Aid  >  Online College Grant and Scholarships
By Rachel Wang   
Single Mother and Scholarship for Master’s in Recreation Degree Online Winner Sheila Tyler
Sheila Tyler saw a college degree as a way to better her life.

Determined to achieve her goals, she refused to let an underprivileged start and unexpected pregnancy derail her college plans. 

Twenty years later, she didn’t let sudden unemployment derail her career in recreation. Instead, she took it as an opportunity to earn her master’s degree and become even more competitive in her field.

The tenacious single mother of two is scheduled to graduate in May 2013 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with her master’s in recreation degree online.

And thanks to the Get Educated $1,000 scholarship for online college students that she won, this semester’s costs have suddenly gone down.
Teen Mom Wins Scholarship for Online Accounting Degree
Online College Financial Aid  >  Online College Grant and Scholarships
By Rachel Wang   
Teen Mom and Scholarship for Online Accounting Degree Winner Brittany Eppihimer and FamilyWhen she became a mother of twin boys at age 15, Brittany Eppihimer thought her plans for college were over. But three years later, the determined young mother is partway through an online bachelor’s program
She’s also one of three winners of the Get Educated $1,000 scholarship for online college students. Thanks to the award, Brittany will be able to help fund her dream of earning a college degree.

“When I got pregnant when I was 15, it was a shock,” Brittany, now 18, says. “When you’re in school, you think you’re going to graduate at a certain time and then go to college.” 
But having twins changed her timeline. “It wasn’t within reach” to graduate with her local high school class, she says. 
She went on a homebound study program and found a strong advocate in her program instructor. But several unsupportive teachers and poor communication from her high school added to her struggles. But she gained new motivation to finish high school and pursue a bachelor’s degree. 
Equestrian Wins Scholarship for Online Masters in Special Education
Online College Financial Aid  >  Online College Grant and Scholarships
By Jess Wisloski   
Ten years ago, Brenda McCall, a lifelong equestrian and riding instructor, had no inkling she'd be on a path to an online masters in special education, much less a doctorate.
Winner of Scholarship for Online Masters in Special Education Brenda McCall
She had dropped out of a college program after nearly two years, after she discovered how unaffordable her early aspiration of veterinary school was.

"I really thought that was the route I was going to go," says Brenda, now 49.

"With the logistics of work and school, it just wasn't going to be a reality. I ended up being a professional trainer, showing horses, breeding horses, and all of that kind of thing."

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