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Cut Online Degree Cost & Increase Online College Affordability

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Your online education doesn't have to cost a fortune; affordable online degrees DO EXIST.

Online university costs range widely, anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $100,000-plus. And, many cheap online degrees offer the same quality as a more expensive college degree. Some colleges even offer free classes online.

Cutting the cost of online degrees can be a daunting task and that is why we've done it for you here at GetEducated. Our tips and tricks will help increase online college affordability, get you ahead professionally, and ensure you earn a high quality online degree.

Beg Your Boss for a Tuition Assistance Program
Online College Financial Aid  >  Cutting Online Degrees Cost
By Jess Wisloski   
401(K) 2013/Flickr
Tuition Reimbursement Equals Cash Back

Thanks to online learning, you don’t need to leave your job or change work shifts to earn a degree. But even going to college online presents that age-old challenge: how to pay for it.

Employers want to pay for your classes—or at least career advice websites are constantly telling you this. But the realities of persuading your boss to pony up for a tuition assistance program for an online degree can be sticky.

Lots of mega-corporations offer tuition assistance programs for college among their smorgasbord of benefits. Yet, even big firms can have stingy track records when it comes to actually paying out.

Smaller companies may have modest tuition assistance plans, or none at all, but that doesn't mean it's out of the question to ask.

Below, we've compiled five tips to help you beg your boss for college cash if you have no formal tuition assistance program (TAP). These tips are perfect if you work for a small company or if your company has no formal reimbursement program.

6 Tricks Online Degree Programs Use to Appear More Affordable
Online College Financial Aid  >  Cutting Online Degrees Cost
By Get Educated Consumer Reporting Team   

Online universities, unlike traditional colleges, don't need to pay for buildings, so they should represent a fairly cheap online degree alternative, right?Online University Cost of College Credits

Not necessarily.

Some online degree programs are, in fact, more expensive than traditional schools—but in this age of rising college costs some distance universities are deliberately misleading students into believing they offer the cheapest online degree.

Here are six online university cost tricks and scams you may encounter in comparing online degree programs. Don't be fooled by them!
Learn six tricks used by online colleges to appear affordable.
Best Online Education Tax Deductions
Online College Financial Aid  >  Cutting Online Degrees Cost
By Consumer Reporting Team   

Looking to save money on online college costs and cut the expense of online education? You may be able to deduct some—or all—of what you spend on distance learning from your income tax bill by using education tax deductions.

Tax deductions are a great form of financial aid.  Tax deductions are subtracted from your total taxable income. They may reduce what you owe the IRS by putting you in a lower income category.
Read full article on the best online education tax deductions...
Best Online Education Tax Credits
Online College Financial Aid  >  Cutting Online Degrees Cost
By Consumer Reporting Team   

Uncle Sam is helping online students with a hoCut costs with popular education income taxesst of tax credits—including an education tax credit as part of the federal stimulus program.

These popular tax credits save you money on online education tuition and fees by cutting the amount of income tax you owe.

As you work through your 1040 or 1040EZ form and calculate your adjusted gross income, you will see what your tax is based on the chart the IRS provides. You can subtract your tax credit directly from your tax bill, reducing the amount you must pay the government.

For example, if you look up your adjusted gross income in the tax chart and find that you owe $4,000, and you qualify for $2,500 in education tax credits, you can subtract $2,500 from $4,000—meaning you will only owe the government the difference ($1,500).
Learn more about the best online education tax credits...
4 Ways Your Company Can Offer Tuition Assistance for Online Education
Online College Financial Aid  >  Cutting Online Degrees Cost
By GetEducated Consumer Reporting Team   
Need tuition money to attend an online school? Check with your employer.

Many companies have tuition assistance benefits that cover at least part of the cost for online college education.
Some even pay for your children and spouse to get educated.

A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 63 percent of companies offered undergraduate educational assistance and almost as many—59 percent—also covered graduate education.

The number of employers offering these benefits has dropped slightly over the past few years and some companies plan to discontinue or reduce such benefits next year.

Still, it's worth your while to check to see if your company provides educational assistance.
Discover 4 ways your company can offer tuition assistance for online education...

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