College Credit for Published Works

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MichaelCarl posted this 22 September 2011 - Last edited 14 March 2016

Is there a university that will grant graduate level credit, preferably for a Doctorate, for published work that has been done in the specific fields of terrorism, national security and human rights. I'm a journalist and have an 8-page 'Vitae' of published work to present to a prospective Political Science Department.

VickyPhillips posted this 23 September 2011 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Michael,

Thanks much for posting this question.

Unfortunately, in the USA there is no university that will grant college / degree or dissertation credit based on past published works.

Let me preface that by saying there is no university that I know of that holds accreditation that is recognized by the US Dept of Education or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation that will routinely award degree credit for career publications.

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So, my first question would be do you care about the accreditation status of the online university that grants you the degree?

I ask because there are two options if you set aside the criteria that the school hold recognized accreditation (I wouldn't do that myself but am letting you know of options that you could weigh relative to your question):

1) Option One: There are "licensed" schools in selected states, primarily California, that may be able to help you with extensive review and consideration of prior published works. These colleges arenot accredited so their degrees are not widely accepted BUT they are legal in the sense that they are recognized by the state of California as degree granters.

2) Option Two: There are also several distance universities that are not accredited by any recognized agency but that are operated by various independent religious agencies and denominations that may also provide some credit and review consideration especially in the areas of religious study (but that is not to be your major, yes?)

3) Option Three: There are many diploma mills that simply award paper degrees and credentials upon payment of fees. These schools are accredited, but by fake agencies.

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I can't really recommend any of the above 3 options -- certainly not the last. The problem with #1 and #2 is that these degrees are not widely recognized due to their lack of accreditation.

There are a good number properly accredited online phd programs. Get Educated profiles hundreds of online doctorates, BUT none of these will review and grant degree credit for past publications per se.

Most all of these are in the areas of Business, Psychology or Education, so choice is limited also related to the major area you desire.

You may be able to use your collective prior knowledge to facilitate thesis research or capstone projects but none will grant you doctorate credit straight up based om a review of a portfolio of past writings.

One interesting fairly open distance PHD that might interest you is the Union Institute. They offer the online PHD in public policy and social change. This is a limited residency option BUT does not have credit for past experience as a part of their policy.

Give me some feedback on all this and I'll tell you if I know anything else that might be helpful.

Anyone else with advice, jump in!


sgttekman posted this 14 May 2012 - Last edited 06 August 2015

You might want to check out United Kingdom and Australian's colleges for Ph.D. Traditionally, UK schools grant Doctorate degree through publication. For example, Lancaster University offers Ph.D in Management, the student requires to complete the dissertation (thesis) and oral (defense presentation) exam.