Online MBA program without Bachelor degree / GMAT requirement in US

  • Last Post 07 December 2018
jerry9855 posted this 20 January 2018


I am looking an online MBA program which doesn't require Bachelor degree and GMAT.

The following is education background.

I have an associate degree from a University in Taiwan and Master Degree in Computer Science from Lawrence Technological

University. You can see I don't have Bachelor. I was accepted by LTU computer science program

because I have over 4 years software development experience. I just want to know, is any way I can find an online AACSB

MBA program in US which doesn't require the bachelor degree and GMAT.  I applied few online MBA programs before but

they don't accept my application because I don't have a bachelor degree (even I had a master degree still doesn't work)

Thank you for the help.



samiam posted this 07 December 2018

Hi Jerry,

Did you ever find a program?  I'm curious to know for myself.  Thanks.