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Official Transcripts Unavailable—What to Do?

I attended a 4-yr university rougly 5 years ago. My financial aid fel though and I was unable to apply for loans (family has a history of bad credit as well). The financial aid office encourgaged me to remain enrolled and that we had options to cover costs. Unfortunately that never materialized. 


I completed my first semester without being able to cover the costs and as a result was unable to enroll the following semester. I then stopped attending and got a part time job but still want to complete my degree. Brcause most colleges require “official” transcripts I am in a bit of a bind. My previous school refuses to release official transcripts until I pay off the amount owed (somewhere in the vicinity of 30k) I am in no position to do so. I’ve attempted to work out a payment plan with them (they want over $450 monthly, which I can also not afford) but even if I take the payment plan they will not release transcripts until the full amount if paid off.


What are my options in this situation if I wish to contine my education?

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