3 Year Indian Degree Evaluation in USA

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Carol posted this 29 June 2012 - Last edited 04 March 2016

I have a 3 year bachelor degree from India and a 1 year Post graduate diploma .. I tried WES and Educational perspectives evaluations. WES rated it as 3 and half years undergraduate study whereas Educational perspectives rated it as 4 years of undergraduate study but not equivalent to a US bachelors.The only option for me to pursue a masters is to transfer into a bachelor program and then get into a good master's program.

Recently, Devry (Keller Graduate School) said I am eligible to get into their masters program ($50,000). But I was thinking of transferring into their (Devry) bachelors program and get a bachelors and get into a good state university. Devry is saying I will need 1year and 2months-4months to get their bachelors. It is a bit expensive ($30,000) but I would transfer some credits from a community college to lower it. But this is the quickest way to get a bachelors.

Do you think a masters from Keller(Devry) is worth $50,000 or I should just get their bachelors and get a masters from a good state university?

VickyPhillips posted this 04 July 2012 - Last edited 04 March 2016

Hi Carol,

Since you have had your bachelor degree evaluated by recognized agencies -- (WES) and Educational Perspectives -- you know it is not quite the equivalent of a 4-year bachelors in the USA. Any school you attend in the USA will use these evaluations to determine your transfer status so it is good you have these evaluations.

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No two schools will require the exact same courses to complete a bachelors BUT cost wise you could likely save several thousand by completing your bachelors online at a non-profit state school. That being the case, what would be the advantage of paying more at Devry? Do you see an advantage that would be make Devry worth more for you?

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What would you pay more for a Devry degree? Do they offer a particular major or advantage that you could not get from hundreds of other accredited options?

All the best