Thomas Edison State College Reviews

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Hi, I'm currently attending classes at a local 2 year county college and looking to transition and hopefully expedite to an online college. Thomas Edison seems to fit my needs and will likely apply. Any feedback, tips, suggestions, and information for me? Thanks so much!

VickyPhillips posted this 26 November 2011 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi DL,

Do you live in New Jersey?

If so, Thomas Edison State University has been educating adult distance learners since the 70s and has factually very low costs when compared to other online bachelors in business degree programs. It's a solid state college with a likewise solid rep among employers and the military.

TESC is on our factual ranking list of the "Best Buy" for affordable online degrees in business.

Another great plus at tesc is that the school allows for very liberal transfer credits and credits for life experience tests for things such as military learning and corporate training. In fact, TESC is one of the better options for older adult students who may present a great many transfer life and work experience credits toward online bachelor completion.

For more opinions and reviews from the public and verified online students at TESC, see the Thomas Edison State College Online Business School Reviews page.

Tell us more about your needs and situation and we'll try and refine our recs for you. Are there other schools you are comparing to tesc online?

Vicky Phillips