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I have been reading these forums while completing my AA degree. My ultimate goal is to be a teacher. In order to be a teacher in Florida I need a Bachelor's degree. The Bachelor's degree doesn't have to be in education. I want to earn this Bachelor's degree in less than eight months. I will be graduating with a 3.8 GPA in my AA degree program. I earned my AA in less than a year. The workload will not be a problem. I want to find the cheapest, easiest, and fastest online Bachelor's degree possible. I have been working in the School District for about ten years and the Principal just wants me to earn a degree as quick as possible so I can be hired as a teacher. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for your question!

While I can't comment on how easy an online degree program will be for you (most are just as or more difficult than their on campus counterparts), I can help you find accelerated and affordable options.

Begin your search in GetEducated's online degree database:
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Your cheapest option lies with Fort Hays State University.

FHSU offers a variety of online education bachelors but the most appropriate for would probably be the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education which costs $23,114. Unfortunately, it is not an accelerated degree.

Accelerated degrees will cost you more but if you look outside of your choosen career area they are still somewhat affordable.

Your most affordable options is from Thomas Edison State College for less than $30,000.

Make sure you're aware of the pros and cons of an accelerated online bachelors degree before enrolling.

You should also consider programs that award life and work experience credit. These are real, accredited online colleges that allow adult students to fulfill a hefty chunk of their bachelors credit requirements by testing out of proving their career experience in various ways.

SEE: 5 Ways to Earn a Life and Work Experience College Degree
SEE: Best Online Colleges for Life Experience College Credit

Contact admissions counselors at the schools listed in the second article to see how much credit you are able to earn from your work experience as a principal. This will save you both time and money and you'll most likely only need to take your upper level courses with the school.

(Thomas Edison is one of these schools so you would be able to accelerate your bachelors program in multiple ways!)

Best of luck!


GetEducated BEFORE You Enroll!

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it is a good option to go for a work experience degree if you want to start your career as soon as possible. However, in order to convert your experience into college degree, you need to have some experience in the specific field. My own friend went through this process and now earning high perks. Basically, what is considered while conferring degree is your skills, knowledge and experience. accumulating all this set your level which degree you deserve. My own friend used an accredited online portal to use his experience for earning college credits. I hope you will post useful information here.