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Distance Learning Research Survey

Hello everyone! I need your help.

First, a little background:

I am a distance learner at Thomas Edison State College. As part of one of my final classes for completion of my BA in Communications (Liberal Arts Capstone), I must write a research 20-25 page research paper.

I have chosen the following as my thesis question: “Are traditional means of obtaining higher education being phased out by accelerated distance learning techniques?”. My paper also has three sub questions that I will answer in order to better provide an answer to this major question.

These sub questions are as follows: “What is the scope of accelerated distance learning techniques?”. Also, “What does accelerated distance learning offer to students who choose it over traditional means of obtaining higher education?” Thirdly, “What are some of the benefits and shortcomings associated with accelerated distance learning?”.

I have decided to conduct a survey of distance learning students and use this as my primary source of qualitative research.

This being the case, I have a few questions for all of you distance learners that I would be absolutely thrilled if you would take the time to answer for me:
[B]Questions: [/B]

1. What are a few of the exclusive benefits (if any) that you have experienced by choosing distance education?
2. From your perspective, what are the three biggest benefits to learning by means of distance education for you personally?
3. From your perspective, what are the three biggest hindrances to learning by means of distance education for you personally?
4. Why are you a distance learner?
5. Do you prefer distance learning to traditional means of obtaining higher education (i.e. “brick and mortar schools”)?
6. Do you believe that there any risks associated with being a distance learner? I hope that you guys will take the time to help me out by answering these questions.

Thanks a lot and God bless! -Calvin

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