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Fast IT Online Bachelor Completion Program

Hi Everyone, I would like your advice on the fastest way to get a degree online. Here’s some background on my reasons for wanting to do this:

About 20 years ago I did a couple of years of Computer Science in college but dropped out without qualifying. In the last couple of decades I have worked my way up to very senior and well-paid roles in Telecoms and Networking. I now work in the Middle East and find that not having a degree is a real impediment when it comes to changing employers. Very often, having a degree is a requirement for the residence visa process and often HR departments will rule out CVs that don’t include a degree.

So, despite not really needing one to advance my career other than as a “check-box” item, I would like to try and earn a degree in a field somewhat related to my current work for example: general business/IT/Networking/Telecoms/Security.

I hope this does not sound too arrogant, I don’t think for a minute that I have nothing left to learn but really I don’t think that having the degree will help me with my work particularly other than in the ways I mentioned. I would really appreciate people’s input and advice.

Thanks for reading!

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