Lincoln High School Diploma Scam

  • Last Post 13 December 2012
Jordan posted this 12 December 2012 - Last edited 26 February 2016

A recent investigation through Houston’s News Channel KHOU, reported that a fake online high school, Lincoln High School in Texas, issued a high school diploma to a Dog.

SEE: http://

Lincoln is one of many online high schools that issues a high school diploma based on easy online (un-procotored) testing. The problem is that Lincoln like many other fake, unaccredited high schools, lacks accreditation from a US Department of Education Agency or a Recognized accreditor. This presents problems for the students when trying to get into college or gain employment with their diploma.

Don’t be left out to the Dogs. Do your homework when choosing an online high school. With all of the diploma mills operating online, employers and colleges alike, now default to Government recognized accreditation through a Regional agency or the DETC, or State Public High School or GED testing centers.

It is important for students to choose a school that has recognized accreditation.

Here is the list of Valid Accrediting Agencies as Recognized by CHEA and the US Department of Education.

GetEducated's article on Regional VS National Accreditation

If your online high school doesn’t have accreditation from one of the above mentioned agencies, they do not have accreditation that will be widely accepted by colleges and employers.

VickyPhillips posted this 13 December 2012 - Last edited 22 October 2015

Hi Jordan,

Thank you for the posting and warning on high school diploma mills that operate out of malls in Texas under a new Texas home schooling law.

The article you cite mentions a special loophole in Texas Laws that allows for diplomas to be be bought and sold fast -- but as the article points out these special mall diploma mills are not backed by any widely recognized accreditor -- hence their "diplomas" may get applicants very little to NOTHING in terms of career advancement.

The Get Educated mascot, Chester Ludlow, pug dog "earned" his life experience MBA online with honors from a degree mill for $499. If earning a diploma is that doggone easy, students be ware!

The get a GED online scam is also very popular, so watch out for these.

Thanks for the Post! Vicky