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Is Richford University Fake?

Richford university is a fake, they called us from USA no. But in fact I asked USA embassy there is no any address for this university, they promised me from last April 2014, they will provide me with accredited MBA from qatar embassy and egyptian embassy in USA. Imagin even this stamps is forged, really they gave my hard time. Now I return 90% from my money after I threats them that I will take the document to USA Embassy in doha. Now they sue me that if I call again or send any email they will do so and so…..

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Kayleigh Gilbert

Hi there,

Richford University claims accreditation from:

[li]European Accreditation Council for Online Learning (EACOL)[/li]
[li]International Accreditation Board for Business Studies (IABBS)[/li]


Neither are recognized accreditation agencies.

SEE: [url=/college-degree-mills/161-college-degree-or-diploma-mill]10 Signs of a Diploma Mill Scam[/url]
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I’m glad to hear you were able to get some of your money back!

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Take care,

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