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Queens Bay University Scam

QueensBay University is a scam and a degree mill. When I tried to see it’s university brochure,I was automatically directed to sign up.Then next window asked to attach my CV or give life work experience details.I just typed non relevant words with the key board( absolutely meaning less words). But to my utter astonishment ,in 3 minutes I got an email to my inbox saying I have been approved for a degree and was asked for a payment.

This university is based in Belize, but not legal there.They have no location in USA , just using USA phone numbers to call students.They have no physical address in the USA. It is very clear they are a Diploma mill and sell degrees.

There are a set of universities( Niholson, Forgo,Kings lake, Colombiana, Nixon and many more) who have same web sites, same chatting agents, telling they are all “Dr.”Only these university logos are different.

Their accreditation bodies are not recognized at all. It is strange they are a member of EDUCAUSE.

Authorities should expose realities of such scam universities. BEWARE OF SUCH FAKE DEGREE ISSUING UNIVERSITIES. Thanks ( PLEASE SEE BELOW)

********************************************** BELOW IS THE EMAIL MESSAGE I WAS SENT BY THEM **********************************************

Congratulations Yasmine! We are pleased to announce that based on your academic qualifications, resume submitted by yourself, and your profile scores calculated using the CPAAS® profile evaluation system, the evaluation committee at QueensBay University has finally approved you for Bachelor’s Degree. You are among the 5% of candidates who qualified under the CPAAS® profile evaluation system. CPAAS® is globally renowned and patented evaluation system that performs detailed analysis of your resume, online profile, past accomplishments, and professional and educational background through proprietary global libraries and databases. You will be contacted by one of our Academic Counselors in next 24 hours; kindly reply to us with your preferred time for call. If you want an immediate processing of your application, kindly call at our Toll free number 1-866-867-9913 and mention the reference number given below: Reference Number: QBAYU-16973 We once again congratulate you on being approved as a QueensBay University student and wish you all the success in your future endeavors. For any queries or concerns, please give us a call at our Toll free number: 1-866-867-9913 and speak to our Student Counselor anytime.You can also contact us by sending us an email just by clicking here. For any queries or concerns, please give us a call at our Toll free number:1-866-867-9913 and speak to our advissor Regards, Evaluation Committee, QueensBay University Toll free number: 1-866-867-9913 In order to reply to this e-mail, kindly click here to directly contact the Experience Evaluation Committee

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