Northwestern Theological Seminary Scam

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linescl posted this 15 June 2013 - Last edited 03 November 2016


• Northwestern Theological Seminary enrolled me and I completed my course work with the highest grades. I paid my tuition as prescribed and submitted my thesis in September of 2012, nearly a year ago.

• NTS communicated with me until I paid my $2300 “love offering” in full, then they stopped communicating with me and have refused to respond to repeated email inquiries. I have been writing to them for nearly a year.

• I have not received the Masters degree promised by NTS, and I am out over $2300. NTS has refused to even respond to my questions about my status. They boast that they are responsive to all email inquiries, blah, blah…

**Enroll with Northwestern Theological Seminary at your own risk. They have not upheld their end of their agreement with me. NTS has been less than honest, unprofessional, and unwilling to communicate, yet they are very willing to take your money. In my experience Northwestern Theological Seminary has been less than faithful. Beware!

utaheduc8or posted this 28 February 2016 - Last edited 04 March 2016

Hi linescl,

I am afraid we have been duped.  I have been having a similar experience.  They keep taking my love offering/tuition but I too have not been able to get any contact with them.  I have paid more than $1,000 to this point and can't get any grades or new course keys to move on.  It is absolutely impossible to get contact with anyone, particularly my senior advisor Dr. Samuel Galloza.  This school seems to be the seediest of all possible working in Christs name.  Unfortunately I did not realize how big a mistake I had made until after enrollment.  After doing a little digging I was able to discover that their mailing address is a UPS store in a strip mall in Florida and their headquarters is a small Christian school by the name of "Solid Rock Christian School" (352-735-5777) if that is even a real number???  There also seems to be a Pakistani connection with at least on campus there.  It is discouraging to have so many doing so much bad in the name of Jesus, but it certainly in a sign of the times.  I have been monitoring my back account more closely, I would recommend the same for anyone who has been duped by them.

Kayleigh posted this 03 November 2016 - Last edited 03 November 2016


Please see this extensive dicussion on Northwestern Theological Seminary.

Northwestern Theological is NOT ACCREDITED.

Accreditation is important because it ensures standard practices for student records and assessment. Unaccredited schools have no oversight as to what type of education, record keeping, grading, etc. students are subjected to. 

We do not recommend enrolling in any school whose accreditation is not approved by CHEA or the US Dept. of Education.

I'm very sorry to hear that you've already sent the school money. One way to fight back against diploma mills is to write your state representatives and congressman asking them to take action. There have been many lawsuits against diploma mills brought on by the state they are based in. See diploma mill news.

When you're ready to enroll again, verify the school's accreditation with CHEA. Alternatively search for a school here in the online degree database. We pre-screen all schools for proper accreditation before including them. No diploma mills here!

You can also search our accreditation reports but keep in mind that this is not exhaustive. If you do not see a school here, it does not mean they are legit.

Finally, find out more about accrediataion and the diploma mill epidemic here. Knowledge is power against diploma mills!

Take care,

Online Education Expert

Chris James posted this 18 March 2017

Really it is very difficult task.

FedUp posted this 10 July 2019

I also paid Northwest Theological and before they got my money they would respond instantly answering any and every question, right after they received my money instantly all communications seized. I even went to my bank to dispute all charges and get my money back. They told me to just write 30 essays and I’ll get my Masters Degree in 16 weeks. Huh? They didn’t even teach anything, ever. They told me write about whatever I choose. No, they are not accredited, they say they are but through who? Their accreditation is not recognized, these schools either start their own accreditating group or they pay someone just to say they are accredited. Look up the accreditation agency and you’ll see theirs is one of many that is not recognized nor accepted. Don’t waste your time nor your money. The ‘bishop’ even told a previous student that he was going to cancel her degree. How do you cancel a degree? This school is most definitely a scam!

Darth_Morgan posted this 12 July 2019

That`s so sad, that people got scammed trying to get the degree