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matthebron74 posted this 27 January 2013 - Last edited 15 March 2016

Hello Vicky Phillips, l am a subscriber and l found your website to be very informative. l am planning on getting a Masters in Taxation or MBA in taxation. Could you fill me in on the best University that offer this program. Thank you! Sincerely, Matt.

VickyPhillips posted this 29 January 2013 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Matt,

It's hard to recommend the best online university for your online taxation masters without knowing more about how you measure "best" -- what is your current educational background, current job, where are you located -- what state -- in terms of work? Are you a CPA already? Is there a reason you might want a MBA vs a taxation master of science degree?

Get Educated profiles the following online masters in taxation, all of which vary by cost, student reviews, type of school, and so on. You can look at each and read the reviews as well as see the cost.

Nova Southeastern University Online Master of Taxation

Bentley College Online Master of Science in Taxation

University of Tulsa Online Master of Taxation

In addition, I just learned that Northeastern University Online will be adding a formal masters online in taxation in late 2013 or soon thereafter. You may want to contact them for a lead on this option.

There are also options for online accounting masters degrees that are neither MBAs nor ms degrees in taxation.

Try this page for the most affordable online masters in accounting we have reviewed and rated. These are MS or related degrees, not MBA degrees.

Your career goals and current status (CPA or not?) will have to be looked at to determine the best type of masters in the taxation area.

Tell us more and we'll try to suggest options.

All the best

Vicky Phillips
Founder - Get Educated