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Online Physics, Mathematics, and STEM Instuctor

Date Posted: 7/21

Highly qualified and MO certified physics and math teacher:  I am a MO eMINTS instructor, focusing on technology in schools.  I am certified to teach the MSSC CPT-AE Certified Production Technician workforce innovation program and am a licensed electrician for the IBEW local #1.  I am energetic, diversified, and proficient with technology.  I am focused on finishing my masters in Educational Technology in Schools through the University of Missouri.  I love online learning.  It integrates simulations, videos, and multi-media learning activities in a scenario that allows students to work at their appropriate pace.  I possess a diverse educational and practical background.

Contact at kwille101@gmail.com

Online English, Literature, Linguistics, Writing, and ESL Teacher

Date Posted: 7/21

My name is Carol Bainbridge. I have an MA in English and an ABD in linguistics. With over 30 years of college teaching experience, both in the classroom and online, I am well-qualified for online teaching positions. Courses I have taught include literature, linguistics, freshman composition, research writing, business writing, and technical writing. I also have an ESL endorsement and have taught some courses in English as a Second Language.

Contact at clbainbridge@gmail.com

Online Adjunct Pre-algebra / Algebra / Pre-calculus Teacher

Date Posted: 7/21

I have 5 years experience of teaching secondary math and I specialize in helping those that are considered to have "low" math skills. I am very passionate in helping students understand math even if previously they have had little success. I would love to help students in the online classroom as well as my current high school classroom that I teach. I am looking to teach online courses ranging from prealgebra through precalculus, college algebra, etc. I have experience working with BlackBoard from the student perspective so I know what structures are most helpful to students.

Contact at taraflood88@yahoo.com

Online Spanish / Linguistics Instructor

Date Posted: 7/21

I have been teaching in higher education for over twelve years. I have also been teaching Spanish online, both in real time and asynchronously.  I am very interested in any available remote/online teaching or administrative positions. I have a Masters degree in Education and 20 semester hours in (Spanish). I also have a PhD (Spanish linguistics).  I have extensive teaching experience and strong rapport with students.

Contact at elprofespanol@gmail.com

Online English Teacher

Date Posted: 7/21

I have a degree in Business Administration, a TFL Certificate, and Police Clearance Certificate from Australia. I have 10 years teaching experience with four Private Language schools, and Government Primary and Secondary schools, Hotels / Resorts and Private businesses, in Thailand. I sometimes return to Australia, and teach for EF (English First) and AICOL Language Schools and lead students groups on study tours, coming from China, Indonesia and Thailand.  I am a reliable responsible person, and a conscientious team player with excellent communication, listening and organizational skills, and outstanding references from my previous employers.

Contact at toleoellul@yahoo.com.au

Online Adjunct Global Studies / International Development / International Business / Communications / Tourism Instructor

Date Posted: 7/19

I am currently located in Los Angeles and looking for an online adjunct position in the Global Studies field.  I hold a B.A. in Communications from the University of Southern California and a Master's in Globalization from University College London with a focus on tourism and international development.  I have two years experience working with university & corporate students in Japan as well as small-to-medium size Japanese business owners looking to expand their endeavors overseas.  My clients in Japan included Honda car company, pharmaceutical company Hisamitsu, dental parts manufacturer Nakanishi, insurance giant AXA Japan and more.

Contact at mpage18@gmail.com

Adjunct Criminal Justice, Sociology, Leadership, Management, and Organizational Management Instructor 

Date Posted: 7/18

I have over 33 years’ Social Work/Human Services experience in the areas of children, youth and families, juvenile court, advocacy, child welfare, domestic violence and sexual assault, foster care, and adoption, elder abuse and neglect and investigation skills. People focused, dependable, flexible, and cooperative. Subject areas taught; Business, Criminal Justice, Human Services, Psychology and Sociology. Taught adult’s learners for 20 years. Education background in Criminal Justice, Sociology, Leadership, Management, and Organizational Management and Leadership.

Contact at jdunnemurphy@hotmail.com

Online Adjunct Educational Technology / Technology Integration / History and Social Science Instructor 

Date Posted: 7/18

I am seeking an online adjunct position in Educational Technology. I have 20 years of experience in public education ranging from classroom teacher of History and Social Science and Instructional Technology Coach. I have my Master of Education with an Emphasis in Teaching and a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction in Instructional Technology.  I have led several initiatives in our division resulting in the county's first makerspace, augmented reality sandbox, and online professional development platform for faculty and staff.

Contact at changreco@gmail.com

Online Mental Health and Addictions Nursing / in person training /coaching

Date Posted: 7/18

Forensic Psychiatry, Correctional Nursing, Emergency Psychiatric Response Nursing, adolescent and adult acute care. Experience in online teaching and class room teaching. Registered Psychiatric Nurse for 17 years. Multiple Nursing leadership awards in mental health.   Multiple publications in international journals. I am also working on my Master's degree MSc (mental health). Looking for distance /online teaching, but also available for in person presentations.

Contact at rodgertravale14@gmail.com

Online Adjunct Special Education, K-12 Multiple Subject, Teacher Preparation Programs, Liberal Studies, or Basic Skills Teacher 

Date Posted: 7/14

With a Masters Degree in Special Education, K-12 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, over 20 years as a teacher for adults as well as children, I am ready to offer dynamic online class experience for your university’s students. I have experience in both online and blended teaching platforms, with the technology experience to navigate online teaching and possess onsite teaching experience to make learning meaningful for adult and young adult learners. Recently retired, I have time and energy to devote to a part-time adjunct position in teacher preparation programs, liberal studies, or basic skills.

Contact at laureenagee1@gmail.com

Online Speech Communication / English / Writing Composition Teacher 

Date Posted: 7/14

I moved to California a month ago from Milwaukee, WI. I am a certified post-secondary teacher with 23 years of experience in the technical college arena. I have a BA and MA in Speech Communication. I also have an MA in English/Writing Composition. I teach both online and face-to-face, but for now, would prefer online courses. I LOVE TO TEACH & I know I was put on this earth to do it.

Contact at djrwrites@gmail.com

Adjunct Elementary Teacher

Date Posted: 7/14

I have a B.A. from The University of Texas Brownsville. I have 3 years teaching experience as an elementary reading teacher. I also just earned my Masters in Education from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with my focus in Counseling and Guidance and I have 1 year experience as a school counselor.

Contact at dottiefacetera@aol.com

Online Social Worker / Human Services / Sociology Instructor

Date Posted: 7/11

I have over 23 years’ Social Work experience in the areas of children, youth and families, military culture, child welfare, domestic violence and sexual assault, teen dating violence, foster care, and adoption. People focused, dependable, flexible, and cooperative. Courses Taught: Introduction to Social Work, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Social Welfare in the United States, Agency Experience, and Introduction to Family Social Work, General Practice I, Philosophy of Social Work, Privilege, Oppression and Power, and Social Work with Children and Adolescents. Proficient in Blackboard, Canvas, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook, Survey Monkey, Social Media, and Dragon Premium.

Contact at tmartinaporterphd@gmail.com

Adjunct Business Administration / Management Teacher

Date Posted: 7/11

I have over 25 years of documented and progressive managerial experience. I earned my D.B.A. with a management concentration back in 2010 (I had earned a GPA of 4.04). I am able to teach any topic matter in business (from associates to doctoral level).

Contact at drashton2013@outlook.com

Online Technology, Project Management, Security Instructor

Date Posted: 7/11

I have taught both in-person and online for the past 16 years. My professional background includes supporting Solaris Servers, leading teams of developers and technology professionals in corporate America. I can teach programming, security, Database and IT Support. I am Microsoft, PMI (Project Management), and CompTIA certified. I have two Masters one in PM and the other in Information Systems Management. I have knowledge in many software development tools. I can/have taught online:  SQL; PL/SQL; MSSQL; Sybase PowerBuilder all versions; SVN Source control Tools; and Oracle.

Contact at rhaluska@yahoo.com

Adjunct Full-time ELA Instructor

Date Posted: 7/11

I am a licensed ELA Teacher in grades 7-12. I have taught in the classroom for 3 years. I am skilled in the area of writing as well as literature. I am seeking a full-time position in my field as an instructor.

Contact at maryborton20@gmail.com

Online IT Teacher

Date Posted: 7/7

I am an IT Professional and I am looking forward to teaching IT Skills to students.  I have good knowledge in many software development tools. I have 5+ years of experience in IT Industry.  I can teach online:  SQL; PL/SQL; MSSQL; Sybase PowerBuilder all versions; SVN Source control Tools; and Oracle.

Contact at monikamuralidharan@gmail.com

Full-time Online Computer Science Instructor

Date Posted: 7/7

MS in CIS, ABD in Computer Science (University of Oregon), currently enrolled in a Ed.D in Educational Technology (Boise State). I am a QM peer reviewer, have extensive experience in teaching online and developing online courses as well as full platforms. I also have dept. chair experience. I am looking for a full time online position as an instructor.

Contact at odile_wolf@hotmail.com

Adjunct Elementary Education / Administration Teacher

Date Posted: 7/7

I graduated from Morehead State University with a degree in elementary education. I then got my first masters from University of the Cumberlands in MAT ELA and my second masters in Administration. My background knowledge of ELA is great; I specialize in writing. I have taught in the classroom for 5 years.

Contact at jenngibson08@gmail.com

Online Nursing / Healthcare Administration Instructor

Date Posted: 7/6

I graduated from Ashford University in February of this year with a B.A. in Healthcare Administration. I was a nurse for 30 years and I did a lot of patient, family, and staff teaching. Now I am looking for an online teaching position in my field. I am also working on my Master's degree in the same field. My knowledge and my experience would be a plus for any online position.

Contact at mdar03@outlook.com

Online Healthcare / Nursing Instructor

Date Posted: 7/6

I am looking for a part time online teaching position. I am a master's prepared nurse with over 20 years of health care experience. In my spare time, I teach mental health first aid. I recently completed an internship with a Transition to Practice Nursing program. My background includes long term care, sub acute rehab and psychiatry. I currently mentor students and lead a nursing research team at my facility.

Contact at tukessa.goodwin@carolinashealthcare.org

Online Grades 6-10 Math Tutor

Date Posted: 7/6

My name is Rosey.  I am an online tutor for Math grades 6 to 10. I have 4 years of classroom teaching experience and 2 years of online teaching experience.

Contact at roseyuragonda@gmail.com

Online Mandarin, Pilates, and Yoga Instructor

Date Posted: 7/6

I am currently teaching Mandarin, Pilates ,Yoga Therapy, and Body Combat classes in Hong Kong's various fitness centers and privately. I finished my SPM at Desa Perdana in 2003. My own company- WorkRight, focus on different groups such as office workers and obesity. With the knowledge of a leading physiotherapist in Hong Kong, we are designing a whole new workout regime which combines fun and safety. I started teaching in the Fitness and Education industry in 2006 while I was studying for my Bachelors at Tsinghua University Beijing. I continue to teach Part-Time during my Master Degree in HKUST.

Contact at gangokling@gmail.com

Online Healthcare / Xray Instructor

Date Posted: 7/5

I am Richard Hardin, and am employed as Program Manager and instructor in Xray and Medical Assisting. I have taught these courses at a technical college for the last 7 years.  I have a B.S. in Radiographic Technology and worked as a Rad Tech and M.A. from 1995 – 2009. I'm also bi-lingual in Spanish. Due to advancing arthritis and other health concerns, I'm interested in a full / part-time online position teaching remotely any healthcare and Xray related courses, i.e., Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Xray Math and Science, etc.

Contact at rafaelle1212@gmail.com

Full-Time Online Bible Theology, Leadership Development, Coaching or Mentor Teacher

Date Posted: 7/5

Have served and been recognized as a genuine national and international influencer in leadership development, coaching, Bible, Theology and Church Health.  My areas of teaching would center on leadership and leadership development, mentoring and coaching, Biblical Studies, Hermeneutics, Theology, Church Health and Growth.

Contact at grkappas@yahoo.com

Online Adjunct Psychology or Social Science Teacher

Date Posted: 7/5

I have a master's degree in psychology with a concentration in aba therapy. I also have a bachelor's in sociology with a minor in psychology. I would love a part time adjunct online position teaching psychology or something in the social science field. I have over 10 years experience working with young children including children with autism and various developmental delays.

Contact at sarahmkeane523@gmail.com

Online Nursing Instructor

Date Posted: 7/5

I have my Masters in Nursing Education from Walden University. I obtained my Masters in 2012. I obtained my BSN from Clemson University in 1995. I am seeking a full time online nursing instructor position. My background has been mainly in Case Management. I have also worked in the hospital, public health, and occupational health setting. I enjoy the educational aspect of nursing, and I am looking to transition into the nurse education field.

Contact at kirby2399@charter.net

Native Spanish Speaking Tutor

Date Posted: 7/5

My name is Norma Angelica Ciriaco Rosas.  I am mexican, living in Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas state in the south of Mexico.  I am married and have three children. The last two years I have been working as an English Teacher in two different private schools, in Kindergarden, inferior and superior elementary school and first of junior high levels. I am a Spanish native speaker and I would like to teach spanish. I studied as a Bilingual Secretary, and in 2011-2012 I studied high school.  Now I am studying at a University online to get my bachelor of Administration.

Contact at nor6504@yahoo.com

Online Nursing Instructor

Date Posted: 6/29

I have been instructing the High Acuity Nursing at Georgia Regents University (formerly MCG) since 2014.  I have 3 years of clinical experience in critical care nursing.  In 2005, I completed my B.S. in Biology from Clayton State University and a MSN degree from Medical College of Georgia in 2012.  Furthermore, I have 6 years of experience in biomedical engineering and research prior to nursing.  I am interested in a part time online teaching position in any nursing related courses.

Contact at becky@sdcnetwork.com

Online Educational Leadership Instructor

Date Posted: 6/29

I am seeking an online adjunct position in Educational Administration/Leadership. I have 27 years of experience in public education ranging from classroom teacher/coach, Head Coach, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal, Principal, Director, and Superintendent of Schools. I have my Master of Education and my Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership.

Contact at garyjacobs47@yahoo.com

Online Business Administration, Accounting, Taxation, and Sales Teacher

Date Posted: 6/29

I am seeking part-time or full-time online teaching positions. I have Bachelors and Masters degree in Business Administration and I was formerly a Certified Public Accountant. I have extensive business leadership experience in the fields of accounting, taxation, sales operations, and sales. My business background is very diverse, having worked in both consulting and private industry. I also have had the opportunity to utilize my skills working across many different types of industries. My many years of practical experience will bring invaluable insights into the classroom to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Contact at d.l.gallagher1@gmail.com

Online Education Teacher

Date Posted: 6/29

I have a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and a Masters for Secondary Counseling.  I taught high school math for 10 years and have been a high school counselor for 20 years.  I am interested in teaching in the area of education online.

Contact at jandjewton@blomand.net

Online Healthcare Instructor

Date Posted: 6/28

Retired doctor seeking online teaching positions, preferably in the healthcare field.  Have taught health related classes for about 4 1/2 years in a traditional classroom setting. Am currently teaching 12 hours per week of Medical Terminology and Introduction Health Careers which both include basic anatomy and physiology.   I thoroughly enjoy teaching in the classroom but want to increase flexibility to help care for elderly mother. I operated my own practiced in Mo and IN for a total of about 15 years. Other past healthcare related employment includes Massage Therapist, Activity Director for healthcare facilities and Medical office.

Contact at Dr.T.Todd@Gmail.com

Online Fire Science / Emergency Management Teacher

Date Posted: 6/28

My name is Ryan Vaughn, I am a Battalion Chief with the Lake Ozark Fire Protection District in central Missouri.  I have worked with this fire district for 17 years starting at the rank of fire fighter before being promoted to Company Officer, and received promotion to BC in Jan. of 2015. I am currently 3 weeks away from obtaining my MPA with a concentration in Emergency Management, and have my Bachelor's degree in Fire Science.

Contact at Rvaughn@lofpd.com

Online Adjunct Criminal Justice Teacher

Date Posted: 6/28

I am seeking an online adjunct position in Criminal Justice. I retired after 20 years of law enforcement.  I have a Masters in Criminal Justice, and I have teaching experience, within the police department and within the community, at local colleges. I currently work part-time for a state police agency, as a civilian, installing and troubleshooting computer hardware and software in police cars.  As a police officer, I worked extensively in the area of investigations, particularly crime scene and was a certified latent fingerprint examiner. I have taught courses in police ethics, criminal investigations, crime scene investigation, and others.

Contact at Reho2014@gmail.com

Online English Teacher

Date Posted: 6/28

I'm looking to find an online job as a teacher of English. I have nearly taught all stages. I'm now teaching Academic writing and Reading skills to university students.  I have free time during my summer vacation in July and August. I can teach any level or any age. I have 16 years of teaching experience.

Contact at lobna_khbaty@yahoo.com

Online Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Medical Law and Ethics Teacher

Date Posted: 6/27

I am currently employed as a Medical Assistant/Limited X-ray Technologist Instructor. I have a total of 5 plus years experience, teaching college courses. I have an Associates degree in Medical Office Management. I've been an ARRT registered Radiologic Technologist since 1995 and have over 15 years work experience as a Medical Assistant. I'm interested in a part-time online position teaching any healthcare related courses that can be taught online, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Medical Law and Ethics, etc.

Contact at tnwg83@gmail.com

Online Sociology / Education / English Teacher or Health Information Technology Training

Date Posted: 6/27

It is with the greatest of interest that I am seeking the opportunity to teach some online courses. I believe that education is fundamental to the establishment of a strong foundation—a foundation on which future insight is based. I have earned master's level degrees in both Sociology and Education as well as a BA Degree in English. My certification is in training (Health Information Technology). I am a member of AHIMA and I am working on a self-enrichment diploma in Computer Programming.

Contact at seadee12@yahoo.com

Online Adjunct Criminal Justice Teacher

Date Posted: 6/23

Retired faculty seeking an online adjunct teaching position in Criminal Justice. 42 years teaching experience with 12 years online with 3 different schools. I have PhD in Administration of Higher Education/ Minor in Criminal Justice, M.S. in Criminal Justice, B.S. Social Welfare with a concentration in Criminal Justice from University of Alabama. 4 years U.S. Marines, 6 years as a police officer. I have been recognized as an expert by courts in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi in Security, and Police administration and Operations. 18 publications including 1 textbook.  Developed courses for two online schools. Vita supplied upon request.

Contact at waformby@gmail.com

Online Political Science / Corporate Trainer / Organizational Leadership and Development Teacher

Date Posted: 6/23

I am seeking part or full-time work teaching undergraduate courses online. I am experienced teaching adult learners and adhering to a curriculum. I hold the following degrees and certifications: AA General Studies, AA Criminal Justice, BA Political Science and Government, and Corporate Trainer Certification. I am 18 credit hours into my Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Development. Resume, references and transcripts are available upon request.

Contact at aqualkenbush88@gmail.com

Online Adjunct Project Management Teacher

Date Posted: 6/23

I want to share my experience in Project Management.  I have 20 years project experience and understand the need for a solid structure within which to start and follow a proven process and then monitor and control projects through the maze of uncertainties to complete planning and implementing projects within time, under budget and to standard practice quality. I use the PMBok’s methodology, initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitor & Control, combined with evaluating the front end loading phases of the project through stage gated process to ensure the best option/process is identified, then implemented within the proven process.

Contact at george.addinall2@harmony.co.za

Online Adjunct Economics, Finance or Business Faculty

Date Posted: 6/22

I am seeking a Part-time Online, Hybrid or Face-to-Face Adjunct Faculty position in Economics, Finance or Business.  I am currently Adjunct Faculty at Frederick Community College, Howard Community College and University of MD University College (UMUC).  I find teaching very fulfilling, thus I am actively pursuing a career consisting of “full-time” adjunct teaching (part-time positions at multiple schools).  My varied career past (blue-collar, white-collar, US Navy & US Air Force) has resulted in a rich diversity of experience, which I often use to illustrate concepts to my students.

Contact at searcher56@comcast.net

Online Elementary Educator or Curriculum Instructor

Date Posted: 6/22

I am currently seeking full time employment as an on-line educator working with young professionals wanting to go into the field of Elementary Education or Curriculum Instruction.  I have a B.S from Wayne State University, M.A in Rehabilitation Counseling and M.Ed in Curriculum Instruction and Reading.  I have been an elementary school teacher for over 16 years. I absolutely love teaching and working with young professionals going into teaching.

Contact at casitaadams@gmail.com

Adjunct Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement Teacher

Date Posted: 6/22

My name is Joe Duncan. I have 19 years of experience in the law enforcement field including 3 years in corrections and 16 years as a certified police officer, all in TN. I have a bachelors in CJ and 18 hrs toward my masters which I am still working on. I am looking to work part time for the next year until I finish my masters degree.

Contact at jduncan09@bethelu.edu

Online English Teacher and Language Courses Coordinator

Date Posted: 6/22

My name is Maria Aparecida Guimarães, I´m a retired English teacher and language courses coordinator. I´m interested in an online teaching job position. I´m well qualified, having taken courses both in Brazil and abroad (USA and England) and I´m experienced in teaching all levels and age groups. As nowadays I have time to spare, I´d love to keep using my skills in what I love to do most.

Contact at m.aparecidaguimaraes@hotmail.com

Online Chemistry, Ecology, Forestry, Environmental Science, or Physical Science Faculty

Date Posted: 6/21

I am seeking an Online position teaching undergraduate Chemistry, Ecology, Forestry, Environmental Science, or Physical Science. Credentials: PhD Forestry (Ecology, minor Botany), MR Organic Chemistry, BS Chemistry. Online Undergraduate Teaching Experience: 8 years. Traditional Classroom Teaching Experience: Undergraduate - 10+ years, Secondary - 4 years. Courses Taught: Undergraduate-General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Science, Environmental Science, Forestry, Ecology, and Earth science; High School-Chemistry. Chemistry Laboratory Experience: 3 years. Forestry/Nature Field Experience: 5 years. Online Learning Platforms: Blackboard, Sakai, & Educator. I am currently employed as an Online Instructor teaching Undergraduate Earth Science, part-time.

Contact at borealis57@gmail.com

Online Sociology Teacher or Career Counselor

Date Posted: 6/21

I have a MA and over 15 years of teaching experience online and classroom setting.  Expertise includes Career Counseling, administering ACT, SAT Career Interest test, Educational Presentations, Mobile private ESL group and individual teacher, and can consult on college careers and planning.

Contact at Morganbrenda66@yahoo.com

Online Elementary Education Educator

Date Posted: 6/21

I am currently seeking part time employment as an on-line educator working with young adults wanting to go into the field of Elementary Education.  I have a BA from CSU Humboldt and a MA in Education with an emphasis in Special Education from CSU Fullerton.  I have been an elementary school teacher for the CNUSD for 26 years and have had 11 student teachers.  I absolutely love working with young adults going into teaching.

Contact at scowan@cnusd.k12.ca.us

Online Death, Dying, and Bereavement Instructor

Date Posted: 6/21

I have 19 years of experience teaching both in the classroom and online at the college level. Proficient in courses concerning Death, Dying and Bereavement and the History of Mortuary Science. Would be interested in teaching an online course in either a Mortuary Science or Nursing program. My educational background includes a BS in Management and an AA in Mortuary Science. I have over 32 years of experience in funeral service. Resume with references available upon request.

Contact at J123golf@aol.com

Online Mathematics Tutor

Date Posted: 6/21

My name is Diana Jacob. I am an experienced Online Mathematics Tutor. Post Graduation (Masters degree) in Mathematics with 79% marks (Distinction). Graduation (Bachelors degree) in Mathematics with 98% marks (Distinction). 6 years experience in Mathematics online tutoring including US, UK, Canada, Dubai, Doha, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Indian students (up to 12th grade). 2 years experience in Mathematics classroom teaching for Plus 2 and Engineering students. 10 years experience in Software engineering with the multi-national company Infosys Technologies Limited, Bangalore. Currently working as online Mathematics tutor for US, UK, Canada, Dubai, Doha, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Indian students.

Contact at dianapjacob@yahoo.com

Online English Teacher

Date Posted: 6/21

I have an M.A. in English and a professional bachelor of Education degree. I have nearly 15 years teaching experience and presently have been working in a government school. I am very much interested to teach the aspired people who want to learn English.

Contact at subratamukherjeesubrata@gmail.com

Online Curriculum Development Teacher

Date Posted: 6/21

My name is Mremi from Dar es salaam Tanzania. I've completed my master’s degree in education based in Curriculum Development and Teaching at the University of Iringa (formally Tumaini university college). I'm looking for a part time online teaching job. I have 4 years of teaching experience in history and kiswahili language subjects. Also, I have experience teaching curriculum course for post graduate diploma student.

Contact at mlyusuph14@gmail.com

Online Educational Technology / Instructional Technolgy Instructor

Date Posted: 6/20

I am currently seeking a part time online teaching position in Educational Technology/Instructional Technology at the college level. My areas of specialization include: Integration of technology in the classroom, relationship between culture and technology, and use of research to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools.  I have published extensively in both local and international journals. I am currently teaching online at Walden University. I have a PhD in Educational Technology from the University of Illinois.

Contact at docadeoye@gmail.com

Online Education / Special Education or Management Instructor

Date Posted: 6/20

I am looking for an online teaching position for undergrad students. I have a master’s in education/special education; a master’s in management, and 30+ years as a former educator. I am the CEO/Founder of a non-profit organization that has been in existence for 15 years and just published a book “My Journey Making It To The Finish Line”. I am very qualified by having 10 years as an online instructor.

Contact at gladys2003@att.net

Adjunct Criminal Justice Instructor 

Date Posted: 6/20

I am interested in a college adjunct position in criminal justice. My undergraduate degree Bachelor of Science is in Criminal Justice, and Masters of Science in Management, Criminal Justice. Degrees from Colorado Technical University. Grade point average 3.74.

Contact at Janhouston1910@gmail.com

Online Math Teacher 

Date Posted: 6/20

I have a B.S. Mathematics and a little more than a M.S. Math Ed.  I have taught math at the secondary and post-secondary levels for more than twenty years.  I have not taught online but have no doubt that I can do it.  I am available to teach, in person or online, on the college level.  I am available to teach high school or middle school math online only.  I simply do not want to be in a high school classroom where I would have to deal with behavior issues.

Contact at hornerherbert64@gmail.com

Online Rehabilitation Counseling / Curriculum Instruction Teacher 

Date Posted: 6/20

My name is Casita Adams. I have over 16 years of experience in the Education Field and 5 years in Counseling. I hold a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and Community Inclusion and M.Ed. in Curriculum Instruction with a Reading Concentration. I am presently looking for an online teaching position.

Contact at maria25gym@yahoo.com

Spanish Native Tutor

Date Posted: 6/20

Spanish online tutor with 2 years of experience in the teaching field offers accurate prices for students and developed communication skills. Bachelor on History and MA in Contemporary History in Complutense University of Madrid, currently doing PhD; experience coordinating and doing courses of multiple fields (from cultural studies to history research) and teaching to A2 and B1 Spanish level courses at International House. I offer a dynamic way of learning the Spanish language while as having fun developing our knowledges about the Spanish culture.

Contact at pablosl1991@gmail.com

Online Education/Special Education Teacher

Date Posted: 6/16

I am currently seeking a part time online teaching position at the college level. I have a Master's degree in Education with a specialization in Special Education. I am working toward my doctorate in Special Education. I have been an online learner for the last five years and understand the online education community. I have teaching certifications in Special Education EC - 12 and general education EC -6.

Contact at jennifer.cooper@alumni.twu.edu

Online Art/Graphic Design Instructor

Date Posted: 6/16

Looking for an online instructor position in anything art related. I have my BFA in Graphic Design and my MA in online instructor. The only teaching experience I have had was through the internship in my Masters degree program. I have leadership skills and technology teaching knowledge. I have knowledge in the adobe design software's. I have created a couple of logos for personal peoples businesses. I have skills in making posters, brochures, post cards and business cards/letter heads.

Contact at roseannagroven@yahoo.com

Online Adjunct Education/Research Methods Teacher

Date Posted: 6/15

Looking for an online adjunct teaching in education/research methods. I have a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and with a concentrations in Education and Healthcare Management from University of Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ). I am currently working as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Meritus Health medical campus in Hagerstown, MD. I have been working in research for almost 20 years and in leadership for over 8 of those years. I also have mentorship skills that I believe that would help and benefit students in the doctoral program. I am very passionate about education and enjoy helping others.

Contact at sheronda225@yahoo.com

Online Adjunct Music Appreciation, Music History, World Music, Intro to Music Theory, Special Education in Music Professor

Date Posted: 6/15

I have my Master's Degree in music education from Texas Tech University and my Bachelor's Degree from Texas State University. I have 8 years experience teaching K-5 elementary music and k-12 private voice and cello lessons. I have expertise in special education in the music classroom. I also have experience implementing music history and world music in my daily instruction. I have a passion to teach college and university students how to teach music.

Contact at christina.colgin@icloud.com

Online Adjunct AHIMA, AAPC, and AIHC ICD-10 certified

Date Posted: 6/15

AHIMA, AAPC, and AIHC ICD-10 certified, 12 years on ground and online experience, 9 years traditional classroom experience and 4  years in the online classroom (experience with Blackboard). Currently employed as an adjunct in the online experience, seeking online opportunities.

Contact at cpcexamprepalliance@outlook.com

Online Hospitality Teacher

Date Posted: 6/14

Looking for online teaching in the hospitality field. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Restaurant food and beverage management with concentrations in Psychology and Sommelier from Johnson and Wales University (Providence, RI). I am currently working as a restaurant manager at Mediterra restaurant in Princeton NJ. I have been working in restaurants for almost 10 years and managing for over 5 of those years. I believe my industry experience would benefit students seeking jobs in the hospitality field.  I am hard working, passionate and organized.

Contact at mlepore10@gmail.com

Adjunct International Affairs, Political Science, and ESL Teacher

Date Posted: 6/14

I have an M.A. in International Affairs and a B.S. in Political Science, 4.0 GPA. My graduate coursework was focused on refugee and asylee issues, transnational theories of governance, and non-governmental organizations. I currently own an international non-profit in the education sector, and can teach on healthy charity, NGOs, ethical manufacturing, and international development. I have teaching experience for ESL students and work experience on Capitol Hill and law firms. I would love to teach courses focused on any of the aforementioned subjects.

Contact at kristinaudreybarnett@gmail.com

Online Education, and Religion Teacher or Mental Health Counselor

Date Posted: 6/14

I am a bilingual (Spanish & English) professional with a Bachelors degree in Education with over 6 years of teaching experience in both primary and high school levels. I have also completed a Masters degree in Arts in Religion and I am currently half way through my graduate Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. I love to read, draw, and paint. I am also involved in support group work with the community. I am seeking an online job in any of these related fields.

Contact at mangiesierra@gmail.com

Adjunct Marketing or Business Instructor

Date Posted: 6/13

I have an MBA degree and over 3 years of experience teaching online. I have experience preparing lectures and online chats. I have the ability to adhere to the curriculum of your school. I have extensive training on feedback, helping students achieve their goals through feedback, feed forward and feed up. I believe that students juggling multi priorities need special attention, especially those adult learners returning to school after a long break.  I also possess excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills. I am reliable, punctual, self-motivated and have worked with several LMS.

Contact at Nicole.tufaro@gmail.com

Online Education Teacher, Tutor or Curriculum Developer

Date Posted: 6/13

I am seeking a part-time online position in education, as a teacher or in the area of curriculum development. I have six years experience in teaching special education at the elementary level. My degrees are a bachelor’s in elementary and special education and a master’s in curriculum and instruction. Taking online classes for the past three years has helped me to develop skills in working online and working in learning teams. My experience includes teaching special education, tutoring students at the elementary and middle school level, and working with other teachers evaluating and choosing curriculum.

Contact at jennyskeller@gmail.com

Online Hospitality Teacher

Date Posted: 6/13

Looking for online teaching in hospitality. I currently have a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management as well as a Master's in Hospitality Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I am currently working on an EdD in Globalization and Training Development.

Contact at tmthomason@gmail.com

Online Medical Assistant Teacher

Date Posted: 6/13

Seeking an online instructor position teaching medical assistance courses. My experience is all hands on, but interested in Anatomy & Physiology, Office Administration, Medical Terminology, Medical Billing that can be taught online. I am a Certified Medical Assistant with an Associates degree. I have 20 years of work experience as a CMA and 2 Years as an instructor. I enjoy teaching and my skills, education and experience is what has given me the gift to give these to others who have the compassion and passion to want to learn.

Contact at briggs78@aol.com

Online K-6 General Education Teacher

Date Posted: 6/9

My time working as a classroom teacher at Lanesville Elementary for fifteen years has given me relevant experience, insight and perspective. I’ve used and am very familiar with a variety of computer education products. I have developed interesting course plans to meet academic, intellectual and social needs of students. As a key member of the Technology Integration Team, I have conducted analyses to address technology use in the classroom which led to improved student achievement. I currently hold a K-6 teaching license in the state of Indiana and am seeking an on-line teaching position in any general subject.

Contact at dotsonj@staff.lanesville.k12.in.us

Adjunct Computer Science and Technology Teacher

Date Posted: 6/9

Education:  BSCS Computer Science - Sacred Heart University; MS Engineering - Masters of Technology - Fairfield University. Interested in Teaching:  Introduction to Information Technology; Telecommunications; Systems Design; Project Management; Operations and Supply Chain; Computer Literacy; Business; Intro to Quality Control.  37 years of hands on work experience in these areas.  Former Technical Trainer Perkin Elmer Corporation.

Contact at kareljulian@sbcglobal.net


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