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Kaplan College Distance Learning Accreditation Report

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Kaplan College
College State: None Listed
College Website URL:
Distance Learning Accreditation Status

This online college IS ACCREDITED by an agency recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation or the US Department of Education. This college has:

REGIONAL ACCREDITATION (the highest form of college accreditation in the USA). What does REGIONAL ACCREDITATION mean? When employers ask if you have an "accredited" online degree they commonly mean a "regionally accredited" degree. Regionally accredited college degrees enjoy wide acceptance for employment purposes and for transfer credit purposes nationwide in the USA. Most state colleges and name brand universities, such as Harvard, Stanford, and Michigan State University are REGIONALLY ACCREDITED. The majority of distance learning schools are regionally accredited.
State Consumer Warnings

We have NO State Consumer Warnings on file for this online college.
General Consumer Warnings

We have NO Consumer Warnings on file for this online college.
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Special Accreditation Report Notes & Alerts

CAUTION: The following Special Notes apply to this online college:

  • March 2011 -- Consumer Alert -- The Kaplan College system is the subject of a petition drive by former students unhappy with the school's promises, student loan practices, and accreditation claims. See student stories and petition to the Washington Post, Kaplan's parent company, at July 2011 -- Kaplan Higher Education ordered to pay $1.6 million law suit for misleading students and financial aid fraud. SEE: Chronicle of Higher Education: Kaplan Campus Agrees to Pay $1.6-Million to Settle Disputes .. to settle allegations that it had not complied with federal financial-aid requirements. The agreement settles a review by the Education Department, a federal investigation, and a whistle-blower lawsuit. The suit, filed in 2007 by a former official of the CHI Institute, said the for-profit college had misled students about the availability of required externships in its program in surgical-technology training. Many students were unable to complete the program and subsequently defaulted on their loans, the suit said. Under the settlement, Kaplan will pay a total of $1.6-million to reimburse the federal government for certain legal fees and repay federal student loans.
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