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GetEducated.com's services are provided to users at GetEducated.com's discretion and may be altered, revoked, removed or cancelled at a point of GetEducated.com's choosing. Use of GetEducated.com's services should be conducted only through legal means and for legal purposes. Misconduct, misuse or any type of behavior that may compromise GetEducated.com or be viewed as a violation of acceptable behavior will result in GetEducated.com taking action against the user. These actions may include but are not limited to: blocking of user access to GetEducated.com's services, removal or alteration of available GetEducated.com services and or legal action.

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When a user’s information is collected for a particular school or program, GetEducated makes every attempt to deliver the prospective student’s information to the institution. On occasion, our automated attempt to deliver the information fails, we have difficulty finding the appropriate contact or the institution fails to contact the interested party. GetEducated will not be held responsible for these instances and it is ultimately the responsibility of the user to seek information and enrollment with their chosen institution.

Content and Copyright Information:

GetEducated's database is built on original content derived from research conducted to the best of our ability with a keen focus on accuracy and integrity. In cases where information found on the site may be inaccurate or need to be updated we ask that you reach out to us via the “Inaccuracies and Omissions” link found at the bottom of our site. In cases where you feel like a copyright may have been infringed upon we ask that you reach out to us directly via our contact page.


Business use of our services:

GetEducated.com is actively engaged with businesses and organizations who may be involved with GetEducated.com at varying levels. If you are using GetEducated.com's services on behalf of a business that business accepts these terms and those of our privacy policy. By extension of this agreement, GetEducated.com and Approved Colleges, LLC are held harmless and indemnified against any claims, actions or suits that result as part of use of GetEducated.com services, features or products. This includes GetEducated.com's employees, officers, affiliates, partners and associated agencies working in direct association of GetEducated.com's services where “association” refers to functions related to GetEducated.com.


Liability of services:

When permitted by law, GetEducated.com and GetEducated.com's partners, affiliates and associated agencies will not be held responsible for financial or data losses or indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages.

In all cases, GetEducated.com and its affiliates, partners and agencies will not be liable for any loss or damage under any circumstance or situation that is not reasonably foreseeable or within the realm of reasonable fault.


Modifications and changes of services:

GetEducated.com's services are modified and changed on a regular basis. Features may be added, removed, suspended or altered at the discretion of GetEducated.com. In cases where users may be directly or consequently affected GetEducated.com will make efforts to make users reasonably aware of these changes.

GetEducated.com reserves the right to modify, expand, remove, discontinue or change in any way its features, services and products when these changes do not compromise users without prior notice to users.


About these terms:

These terms may be modified at any time by GetEducated.com to the extent that GetEducated.com deems necessary. Changes may be made to as relate to the current terms or to additional terms expanding upon current or future services, features and products. Changes made to GetEducated.com's terms will be posted to the GetEducated.com Terms of Service and may feature additional updates when applicable to make users aware of said changes.

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These terms control the relationship between the user and GetEducated.com and do not create any third-party beneficiary rights.

In the event that any of these terms are proven to be unenforceable or GetEducated.com decides at any time not to enforce a particular item within the GetEducated.com terms of service that fact does not nullify or alter the status of the other terms or the GetEducated.com terms of service as a whole.