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Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification

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Western Michigan University offers a Post- Baccalaureate Teaching Certificate in Career and Technical Education for students with bachelor’s degrees and education and experience in teachable areas such as business, industrial technology, family science, consumer sciences, and other programs. These individuals should also have interest in developing their understanding of education in order to qualify for initial teacher certification. Graduates should be prepared to teach career and technical education courses and develop and implement new curricula at various levels to improve learning outcomes. 

Students will focus on developing knowledge of teaching while in the process of transitioning to education. Those classes include telecommunications for teaching and learning, trends and developments in career and technical education, and curriculum development in career and technical education. 

Potential qualifications include the ability to demonstrate understanding and knowledge of students, to demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the subject matter, the ability to manage classroom and laboratories and create effective environments for learning, the ability to create learning environments involving equal treatment, fairness, and respect for diversity, and the ability to foster experiential, conceptual, and performance-based student learning of the subject matter. In addition, students will be expected to demonstrate the ability to utilize a variety of assessment methods, develop student career decision-making and employability skills, the ability to guide students in managing and balancing multiple life roles, the ability to develop self-awareness and confidence in students, the ability to analyze, evaluate, and strengthen teaching practice through life-long learning, the ability to strengthen professional development an outreach, and to contribute to the education profession to improve schools and advance knowledge and practice in their field.


Students must have a bachelor's degree and experience in fields in which they wish to teach

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission