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Master of Arts in Communication Arts

Program Details

The online MA in Communication Arts degree program from Webster University is designed to provide educators from diverse educational backgrounds the opportunity to study theoretical and practical developments in language, literature, media, and the arts. Students in this program are able to:

  • Refine oral, visual, and written communication skills and understand the importance of language, media, and the arts in the communication process
  • Develop sound instructional and assessment strategies as they create curriculum based on understanding of research, theory, and practice in content areas such as language, literature, reading, writing, media literacy, and the visual and performing arts
  • Promote creative thought and expression through leadership in schools and communities
  • Develop skills and strategies to respond to diversity in schools and communities
  • Use a variety of technological and information resources to gather and synthesize information to create and communicate knowledge 


  • Official transcripts from the baccalaureate granting institution
  • Undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Essay

Accreditation & Licensing

Higher Learning Commission