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Program Details

The Associate of Science Degree in General Studies program is specifically designed for students who want to earn their associate’s degree, but are not what major they would like to earn. Through this program, students may have the ability to explore a variety of different general education subjects which should help them develop career goals based off of their areas of interest. The general studies program is a highly flexible program that aims to provide a large amount of room for curriculum customization for its students.

Often, students who apply to this program are interested in transferring their earned credits into a four year college or university. Students who are not interested in pursuing an education beyond the associate’s degree may use courses to explore personal and career goals. Upon earning this degree, graduates may work in the fields of banking, customer service, clerical, or sales. The degree aims to qualify students for entry-level positions within businesses, non-profit organizations, or possible government agencies. Positions that participants are eligible to apply for may include administrative assistants, customer service representatives, or bank tellers.

This program requires students to complete a total of 60 credit hours in order to earn the degree. The Associate of Science Degree requires students to complete a foreign language proficiency in addition to general education and elective coursework. All courses for this program are available for students online. Participants are often attracted to this program format due to the flexibility that is provides. Enrolled students may complete their coursework during times of the day that is most convenient for them. The convenience and flexibility that is offered may be ideal for students who are employed and have busy schedules.

Accreditation & Licensing

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities


Not available in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Minnesota.