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Program Details

Open source is about community involvement in software development. As the open source culture has matured, it has become ever-present in the software development industry. Students in this Open Source IT certificate program from Wake Technical Community College will both utilize and contribute to open source software projects. Students may gain experience using open source tools, languages and frameworks to prepare for careers in software development.

The Open Source IT certificate series is comprised of courses covering intermediate to advanced topics in open source programming using Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, and Linux. This program is an introduction to the concepts of data processing, computers, and development of a logical approach to programming. Topics covered include a brief discussion of the historical development of data processing and computing concepts, basic computer terminology, the architecture of modern computer systems, and computer communications. Other subjects include computer data representation and organization, numbering systems used in computers, computer operating systems, flowcharting and/or pseudocode, and program development using an appropriate computer language and Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Upon completion of this certificate program, students should be able to develop Perl Scripts that use variables, conditionals, interpolation, arrays, lists, hashes, subroutines, loops, formatted printing, data mapping, and sorting. They will implement Perl scripts that work with external files, design PHP scripts that use variables, operators, control structures, loops, arrays, strings, functions, cookies, and sessions, and create PHP scripts that obtain input from the user and interact with a database. They should also be able to follow a software development process to analyze a problem, and to design, build, and test a software system in a team environment.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges