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Program Details

The certificate program in Materials Engineering offered by Wake Technical Community College is designed to apply knowledge of materials properties to the selection of materials for design, production, and end use. Emphasis is placed on the multidisciplinary nature of the study of materials and the engineering application of their properties. The program is designed primarily for students in science and engineering departments who are considering careers in materials, although students from other disciplines may join with appropriate background.

Participants in the program will take courses in their own department together with a group of materials courses chosen from a selected list offered by the participating departments. Satisfactory completion of the program is recognized by the award of a certificate in materials science and engineering upon graduation. A coherent course of study will be developed in conjunction with the program adviser and the departmental representative, and will include materials courses outside the student's department.

This program is designed to expand the student's knowledge of topics essential for the understanding of materials beyond that normally encountered in a single department. Courses will introduce the structure and properties of important current and future materials, including metals, semiconductors, and polymers from an atomic and molecular perspective. Emphasis will be placed on the phase behavior and processing of materials, and on how structures in these materials impact their macroscopic physical, electrical, and thermal properties. The courses also include lectures on the fundamentals and modern applications of materials science, from electrical and mechanical properties to electron microscopy, nanotechnology, polymers, and biomaterials.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges