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Associate in Arts and Sciences Degree in Liberal Arts

Program Details

Virginia University of Lynchburg offers interested students the Associate Degree in Arts and Sciences with a focus in Liberal Arts. The curriculum is generally split into a four semester plan of study that is able to be completed in two years. This type of degree is intended for students planning to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in a subject such as journalism, education, or ministry, as well as later graduate study in law or another area.

The courses in this program are intended to give students a well-rounded general education that can be built upon with further education. Courses come from the areas of the humanities, biology, and the social sciences, among other disciplines. To satisfy the liberal arts focus of this degree, those enrolled must earn six credits in one foreign language, either Spanish or French. This is to help satisfy the requirements of most Bachelor of Arts programs, which necessitate some foreign language proficiency.

Students will study the fundamentals of math, English reading and writing, and vocabulary building. Knowledge and proficiency of using the English language is vital to any future careers or degrees, so students will gain knowledge of critical reading, grammar, and appropriate uses of different styles. To align with VUL's religious base, degree candidates take a course that focuses on study of the New Testament, in order to gain a basic theological knowledge and framing for future learning.

To earn this AA/S Degree, candidates must earn a total of 63 hours of credit. Semester course loads generally consist of 15 to 17 credits each. Classes range from one to three credits in length, and focus on generally helpful topics like health and wellness, public speaking, and world geography. Students also study various points of US history, principles of economics, and American literature.

Accreditation & Licensing

Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Accreditation Commission