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Bachelor's of Science in: Communicative Disorders

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The Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders program at Utah State University was created for individuals with an interest in pursuing careers in either Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology. A degree in this subject is often the prerequisite for graduate level work in aforementioned careers. However, there is no professional employment licensure with the bachelor's degree; students must seek certifications elsewhere.

Audiology is the field of study in which professionals study and evaluate persons who have differences in hearing. Audiologists may be involved in the assessment and fitting of hearing amplification technology, as well as the management of students in K-12 or adults that have hearing loss. Students interested in this area may work in hospitals, schools, or private practice settings.

Speech-Language Pathology is the study of and working with individuals with communication, learning, feeding, or swallowing difficulties. This field also handles issues with stutters, voice disorders, or problems associated with neurological disease or stroke. These professionals often work in rehabilitation centers, nursing facilities, and schools.

With new studies on speech and learning, there is currently a national demand for professionals within the field of communicative disorders. To meet this need, the Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education at USU offers a program for students to earn either a first or a second bachelor's degree. Students enrolling in this program for their primary degree must fulfill the normal requirement of 120 credit hours, while those doing so for a secondary degree must complete 35.

The second-degree option requires the completion of twelve specific courses and can be finished in as little as three or four semesters. Courses should be taken in sequence and are available every semester. Possibilities include Phonetics and Developmental Phonology, Speech Science, and Aural Rehabilitation.

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