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Cyber Security Professional Certificates

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A Professional Certificate in Cyber Security is a department-issued certificate showing that students have completed approved coursework in Cyber Security. It involves acceptance to the professional certificate program and graded course work. It is designed for working professionals who wish to enroll in a focused set of classes, but do not currently have a four-year undergraduate degree. The Professional Certificate in Cyber Security is designed to be done completely online so that professionals may fulfill the requirements for this degree from anywhere.

The threats posed by cyber terrorism and cyber crime have been well documented in the Center For Strategic and International Studies reports. These reports clearly expose the ominous threats to the nation’s security, economy, and private citizen welfare posed by cyber terrorism and cyber crime, as well as the alarming lack of national capacity to defend against them. Highlighted are concerns that include a gross shortage of qualified cyber security professionals in the workforce including private sector information technology/security, law enforcement, emergency management, and the military. University of Rhode Island can help students embark on a government or private sector career as a Cyber Incident Response, Vulnerability Detection and Assessment, Networks and Systems Engineering, Cyber Risk and Strategic Analysis, and Intelligence and Investigation.

The Professional Certificate program is not an entry level program, and is not recommended for students who do not have a strong background in working with computers and networks. The program assumes that students have an understanding of computer networks and how they work. However, it does not assume that students know anything about Cyber Security, and the program is designed to teach students everything they need to know about the different areas of Cyber Security. The 'Mandatory Core' courses must be taken towards completion of the certificate program. These courses can be taken at any time during the program including before, after, or in conjunction with courses from the Starting Core Courses or Concentration.


The program assumes that students have an 'Net+' level of understanding of computer networks and how they work.

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New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education