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Certificate of Gerontology

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The University of North Georgia offers a Certificate in Gerontology for students and professionals in fields of study and employment relating to the aging process and working with older adults. Students will study acute and chronic illnesses and health conditions in older adults as they study the social and psychological dynamics that are the results of the aging process. The program will help prepare students with knowledge and skills for working with older populations in careers related to the study of the aging, in the areas of aging for fields such as law, pharmacy, strategic policy analyst, educator, and other professions that result in interaction with or representation of older populations.

Students may advance their medical and social education with a curriculum that increases responsibilities and training in the identification and treatment of health issues in adults. The program consists of 15 credit hours of classes which include survey of aging, biology of aging, psychology of aging, and sociology of aging.

Successful graduates should be able to exhibit the ability to understand the theoretical foundations of the field of gerontology as well as the interdisciplinary approaches to the study of gerontology, to understand the psychological, biological, physiological, and sociological aspects of aging, to understand gerontological research and the analytical and evaluative aspects of gerontological studies, and to understand the role of gerontological care in public service programs to meet the needs of health organizations, and the community.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges


Total online programs are not available for applicants requiring an F-1 visa for admission to the university.