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Reading K-12 Graduate Certificate

Program Details

University of Hawaii offers a Graduate Certificate for Reading from K-12 program for students and professionals in education in order to develop credentials and experience in helping young children, adolescents, and adults reach their peak capabilities through improving their literacy and ability to read. Students will learn about the theories of language and literacy and learn instructional activities and assessment techniques for diverse students, including English language learners and struggling readers and writers.

Through the program, students will focus on topics that help them understand the developments in their own student’s ability in order to help improve reading performance. Those classes include School Curriculum, Seminar on Curriculum Issues, and Introduction to Research in Curriculum and Teaching.

Upon completion of the program, students may be qualified specialists in the topic of reading and literacy. Qualifications associated with this profession include the ability to apply reading and writing developmental stages and processes that impact literacy development in order to support student development, to create a positive and motivational literate environment that contributes to the success of all learners, and to apply a variety of instructional methods and strategies in order to encourage student skill development. Other skills include being able to use formal and informal assessment strategies to determine student literacy needs and develop curriculum and instruction to meet those needs, to demonstrate the ability to reflect on choices and actions, and seek out opportunities to grow professionally, and to collaborate with teachers, parents, staff, and others to implement literacy-related initiatives and data-driven decision making.

Accreditation & Licensing

Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Senior College and University Commission