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PhD Education; EDEF

Program Details

University of Hawaii offers a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Educational Foundations for professionals and experts in education whose career goals and professional interests involve progressing the field and study of education for developing children and adolescent learners. This may be done by developing an understanding of the history and philosophy of educational systems in order to make informed decision on educational policy. Students will be expected to become leaders in education and within educational organizations and policy-making organizations in order to shape the development of educational policy.

Students will focus on a specialized curriculum involving the development of students' educational and psychological development needs. Courses include History of Education in America, Philosophy of Education, and Introduction to Comparative and International Education.

Upon completing the program, students should have demonstrated their contribution to the field of education and demonstrated their professional qualifications for leadership roles within educational institutions and organizations. Those qualifications include the ability to demonstrate an advanced understanding of educational design and its place within the study of education, and connection to other studies within education. Graduates should also demonstrate professional and ethical leadership in scholarly, academic, and professional settings, as well as professional competence in the field of leadership in educational organizations, and have the capacity to evaluate, analyze and conduct relevant research in primary and secondary education.

Accreditation & Licensing

Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Senior College and University Commission